Monthly Archives - October 2016

Chandni Chowk

What’s it like to be in Chandni Chowk during the festive season

Shopping can be a load sometimes, a very burdensome one. So this Monday morning, just a few days before Diwali, we decided to go to Chandni Chowk in Delhi. In this world, you’d meet two types of people, one, who love Chandni Chowk by every means and the other [...]

AMRITSAR – History, Beauty and Food!

Living in Karnal, I have been to Amritsar more than I can remember. So, here I am to guide you through the best that Amritsar has, to offer to you! The name of the city suggests much. ‘Amrit’ means sweet, and sweetness is there in the feel of this city itself. [...]

The Island Of Lost Dreams-Singapore

Have you heard of the small island in Southeast Asia between Malaysia and Indonesia? Trust me folks, you can’t miss the mesmerizing views of Singapore. It is a beautiful, breathtaking, relaxing and exclusive country with a different, exotic wave of air all over. With beautiful sky scrapers and great infrastructure, [...]