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Why should one visit Leh-Ladakh?

Looking forward to explore the high passes, Buddhist monasteries, tiny hamlets and local culture of Ladakh!? Here’s everything you need to know about the place! History Along the long established trade routes through Tibet, Central Asia, Kashmir and the plains of northern India, came not only goods but also ideas. Despite [...]

Leading Heritage Destinations in India

True essence of the word “heritage” lies in the originality, uniqueness and exclusivity within a destination – embarking an era of wealthy cultures, traditions and customs. Such is the vast and progressive yet mystic country of India. A huge number of spiritual leaders, mentors and founders of a majority [...]

7 Reasons why you should be heading to India for Your Holidays

India is a land of rich, diverse and assorted lifestyle, flora and fauna. It is a South Asian country with extensive and variant terrain, compiling of the alpine peaks of Himalayas and the coastline of the Indian Ocean. India is a land of ancient civilization as well. As holiday [...]


Where do I start from? The salty, howling ocean winds that can whisk your cameras away? The wonderfully fresh and sweet fruits that were available virtually everywhere? The marvellously serene canoe rides? The water sports? The bajillion times that a shopaholic referred to Bangkok as ‘heaven’? Maybe you’ve heard that you [...]