Know all about the Golden City, Pink City and Blue City of India

Rajasthan is home to a prodigious, bewitching culture & traditions one can’t miss! If you break the state name into two halves; “Raja” refers to kings & “sthan” refers to land – combined as the Land of Kings, rightly stated. There is overflowing history at each inch of this state region which enhances its significance […]


10 Offbeat Destinations in Rajasthan

Curiosity is never cliché. Especially if it involves a new place! We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. – Jawaharlal Nehru Rajasthan is primarily the major hub of significant […]


Souveniers To Buy From Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one state that defines what India is all about. Culture, food, festivals, traditions, warmth, shopping. I don’t think there could be any other state that could define India in a better way. From little kids running after a camel and large forts in Udaipur / Jaipur to the only Brahma temple in the […]


5 Hindi Phrases Every Foreigner Must Know Before Heading to INDIA.


India is a land of beautiful heritage and cultures through which nu-merous people from all over the world come and enjoy its beauty. In India there are 22 different languages spoken by the people but the majority speaks Hindi. Fortunately for foreigners in India, English is spoken widely in the country. From hello to thank […]


Souvenirs you should definitely buy from LEH


You can enjoy shopping for souvenirs in the bazaars and markets of Leh, while on your tour of Ladakh. Popular items with tourists are Pashmina shawls, stoles and other Pashmina wool garments. Locally handmade woolen socks, gloves, caps and sweaters are a favorite of tourists in Ladakh. You can shop from local markets in Leh (Tibetan Market […]


Luxury Rajasthan – Explore the Maharaja way!


Rajasthan – the State of Maharajas is special for our travel organizer team. Not only it tops the travel bucket lists of expats in India, it is also the dream itinerary of foreign tourists who visit India and are awe-struck by the heritage and royalty of the Rajasthani rajwadas. Everything from the aesthetics, to the […]