7 Reasons why you should be heading to India for Your Holidays

7 Reasons why you should be heading to India for Your Holidays

India is a land of rich, diverse and assorted lifestyle, flora and fauna. It is a South Asian country with extensive and variant terrain, compiling of the alpine peaks of Himalayas and the coastline of the Indian Ocean. India is a land of ancient civilization as well. As holiday organizers for India, we plan trips and customize itineraries for group tours to India and what we hear from our guests is a not only encouraging but also inspires us to bring out the Top 7 Reasons to choose India as your next holiday destination.

Below are Seven Top Reasons of why you should be heading to India for Your Holidays;

  1. Sprawling Diversification

Each and every corner of this country is worth exploring. There is immense cultural difference as you move on from region to region.There is a vast variety in regional languages as well, with distinctive dialects. These comprise of Bengali, Assamese, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmir, Telugu, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya, etc. India is a country of divergent religious beliefs, although Hinduism is a dominant religion of this country.

However, there are followers of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity and Sikhism spread across the nation. As India trip planners we assure to offer the best designed Indian Itineraries customized as per your taste and requirements.

  1. Ambrosial Delicacies

India is the central hub with a vast variety of cuisines in different parts of the country. Up North region of India is famous for hot, fresh, thick and spicy gravies with tandoori rotis / naans or other such bread recipes. Down South specializes in batter delicacies like idli, sambhar, dosa, etc.

The western region of India is highlighted for its sweets, however, dishes like thepla, handvo, khandvi, etc. and the eastern region is known for all-inclusive bounty of fish, chapatti and rice. Even as an online trip planner, we make sure that the bookings and arrangements are made as per the requisites of the traveler – be it a solopreneur or a special group tour.

  1. Inestimable History

India is globally known for its marvelous architecture from the past and prized historical evidences. This extensive architectural structure and style includes European, Indo-Saracenic, Mughal & various other forms. Each and every monument embarks an impact, with many being a prominent part of the list of World Heritage Sites and the Seven Wonders’ of the World, including a monument that’s breath-taking and eternally symbolizing love – The Taj Mahal. You can check out some of the travelogues on Agra, the city that homes Taj Mahal.

  1. Flamboyant Festivities Throughout the Year

India overtures a variety of festivals celebrated in a grandiose style throughout the entire year, at all parts of the country. Each and every festival has a type of uniqueness which makes you feel like family and unites the entire country. For instance, Holi is known as the festival of colors, which is celebrated in all the states by playing with water colors and exchanging distinctive and delicious sweets with friends and family – with their regional styles and conviviality.

Similarly, Diwali (known as the Festival of Lights) which marks a great significance in the Hindu Mythology as extensive celebration is held on return of Lord Rama after spending 14 years in a forest – is celebrated by exchanging gifts, devoting prayers and spreading immense joy!

  1. Spirituality

India is known for seeking and preaching spirituality since an ancient period phase. Studies have stated that a number of prominent religions around the world were primarily originated in India. You can find pure form of Yoga to seek peace and feel content here. Apart from mental peace, Yoga also makes the body healthy. Varanasi, Bodhagaya and Haridwara are some of the best destinations.

  1. Cultural Attire & Westernized, Unique Clothing

The art and authenticity of the designs of Indian Clothing is resurgent and vogue. From beautiful and alluring attire worn by Mughal Empresses, to the modern depiction with an urban touch – fashion has gotten a new outlook ever since it got discovered in this country. India is very well-known globally for its exclusive, ostentatious and a la mode bridal couture.

  1. Enormous Wildlife

National Parks like Pench, Kanha, Ranthambore and Bandhavgarh are one of the most bodacious and distingue wildlife hubs of this country. Tigers, rhinos, elephants, rufous-bellied hawk eagles and a variety of vegetation all over the country – India is a home to extraordinary flora and fauna.

India is surely your place to be to truly enjoy each and every activity as you may – be it hiking the Himalayas, exploring on ancient rice barges, exploring the paradise of Havelock Islands or cruising in Kerala’s backwaters – and find your true self and the spirit of travelling.

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