7 signs that you are a diehard traveler

7 signs that you are a diehard traveler

1) You can just not control your fingers from slipping over travel journals and magazines in bookstores?

Does that happen to you? If searching across those fresh updated travel based magazines and books make you excited and you can’t help finally buying those, you are already a fourth way through for being a certified die hard traveler.

2) Any travel based quote/article/blog attracts you.

Like this one just did! You are definitely a travel freak if articles, blogs and facts about different places, people, religions, food attract you.

3) Travel accessories!

 Be it phone covers, t-shirts, pillows or frames, if you can’t resist purchasing them, just say no more!

4) You have a pool of fridge magnets, postcards and showpieces of every city you visit.

Do you collect souvenirs and dress them in your home like trophies? HALF WAY THROUGH!

5) Your room looks like a world map!

People put posters of their favourite heroes, heroines, football clubs and movies, but have you rather framed your room into a whole world map with pictures of travel destinations all over?

6) You maintain a travel journal/ wish list!

Do you love to compile your beautiful travel memories in a single place? Do you have a check list of all the places you have been to and all the places yet to be explored?

7) Local t-shirts v/s heavy suitcases

Do you rather buy local t-shirts of the places where you go, than carrying heavy suitcases?

There definitely is no more space for an argument!



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