About us

We are travelers and we are travelers with huge bucket lists, long wish lists and we are on the go. We are exploring the unexplored and we are laying the inspiring footprints, showing a direction and suggesting that travel changes your life – and yes in all good sense.

Spirit Bohemian is a registered travel entity of GCPL India. Spirit Bohemian is an effort to ease out the Indian travel story for the international visitors who come to holiday in India with certain set expectations.

We emphasize more on custom-made Indian travel itinerary which is designed as per the customer’s expectation from the chosen holiday destinations in India. Our holiday organizers are experienced and versatile and understand the western idea of a holiday.

We are an experience based company and are working here to create lifetime travel experiences for our clients through some of the most popular and yet so different tours for India.

Our values are: Personalization & Custom-made offerings, Experience driven holidays, Smooth and transparent bookings and reliable fulfillment.