How travel changed me?

In our ancient scriptures and vedas, the concept of ‘tirth’ is introduced. Because the Gods realized the significance of traveling. During those times, there were no means of transport and traveling and people were confined to their homes & villages only. The idea of ‘tirth’ begin with the very thought of exploring the mystic, having new experiences, getting out to the mundane comfort zones to explore the unknown.

When we travel we learn more, we meet new people, find new friends, make new bonds and it is believed to change our lives in a positive way. In the present age which is also an age of millennials, most of us are travel deprived. Our shift from religion to spiritual has cut down on the concept of ‘tirth’ largely. Spirit Bohemian India is an effort to inspire people to travel more and this space it dedicated to those who believe that traveling has changed their life in some way and they wish to inspire others by sharing how travel changed life for them?