Know all about the Golden City, Pink City and Blue City of India

Know all about the Golden City, Pink City and Blue City of India

Rajasthan is home to a prodigious, bewitching culture & traditions one can’t miss! If you break the state name into two halves; “Raja” refers to kings & “sthan” refers to land – combined as the Land of Kings, rightly stated. There is overflowing history at each inch of this state region which enhances its significance and makes it a busy tourist spot throughout the entire year. It makes you encounter the rural lifestyle & experience the opulent luxuries all at once. Being a desert state; it also is a home to vast variety of distinctive flora & fauna not found otherwise.

However, the biggest attraction about this state is that it encompasses the Three Cities of Color. These three cities uphold their individualistic vitality & uniqueness. There are as following-

  • The Pink City : Jaipur
  • The Blue City : Jodhpur
  • The Golden City : Jaisalmer

Why Rajasthan?

  • Folklore

Rajasthan is known for it’s very lively, vibrant & dynamically peppy folk artwork, dances, singing & much more. Puppetry, for instance, is a form of performing arts that the tourists love! The artists depict short stories & poems along with puppet imitation to entertain the crowd. They even perform various traditional tales and leave the audience zippy & bemused. Some of these tales include Jethwa Ujli, Abhalde & Asa. Also, dance forms like Kachchi Ghodi dance, Ghoomer dance & Gait dance, etc. livens with its aura! They wear alluring costumes and perform with their heart.

  • Art & Culture

The primary attribute of this state is its brimming, truly artistic colors & an aura of creativity and innovation. The Hatodi region consists of beautifully carved stone sculptures & cave paintings from the 10th Century. Rajasthan, however, is also famous for its jewelry collection comprising of ivory bangles, rakhri, gajra, etc. while the men community wears variant types of earrings & chokers.

  • Festival Season & Fairs

Rajasthan hosts immense festivals symbolizing vibrant culture, joy & celebration. Below are a few;

  1. 1. Brij Festival
  2. 2. Teej Festival
  3. 3. Camel Festival
  4. 4. Desert Festival
  5. 5. Nagaur Festival
  6. 6. Kajli Teej Festival
  7. 7. Gangaur Festival’
  8. 8. Sheetla Mata Fair
  9. 9. Gogaji Fair
  10. 10. Pushkar Fair
  11. 11. Ganesh Chaturthi Fair
  12. 12. Jambheshwar Fair

The Rajasthani Cuisine

Despite the scarcity of water, Rajasthan serves the most delicious and tasty delicacies in a royal style. Each ingredient in these dishes has its variant types. Like, some dishes might contain normal milk while some might have buttermilk, etc. that adds true flavor. There is a vast variety of mint sauces (chutneys) too, like mint turmeric, coriander chutneys and classic garlic chutney, etc. Also, desserts like ghevar, mishri mawa dil jani & laddoos are worth a try!

Jaipur: The Pink City

Jaipur is formerly known as the capital of Rajasthan. It is also termed as the “Paris of India” for its alluringly beautiful monuments & overall architecture. Jaipur also follows a rich culture and practice in vaastu, astrology, etc. it is also a significant part of the Golden Triangle of our country. Places like Hawa Mahal, City Palace, the Albert Hall Museum, Birla Temple, Amber Fort & Nahargarh Fort, etc. are great tourist attraction worth a visit.

It has a semi-arid climate almost throughout the year. It is a home to prosperous heritage in traditions, customs, fairs, festivals & civilizations.

Jaipur is called the “Pink City” as every ancient & historic centre in this city is painted in pink color with uniformity & consistency. This custom has been followed so diligently that it is now under the local laws so as to uphold the same. Henceforth, Jaipur is a rather hospitable and welcoming city in Rajasthan & definitely worth your time.

Jodhpur: The Blue City

Jodhpur is geographically the second largest city in the state of Rajasthan. This “blue city” is given its name after the exorbitant & picturesque blue buildings & houses throughout the entire region. The women of Jodhpur are fond of wearing bright mixtures of colorful skirts & lehngas while the men have folk attire as well. Their dressing patterns symbolize the variant & multi-colored impressions of livelihood in this city.

It has fascinatingly exquisite temples, palaces & havelis in vivid and variant shades of blue. The main attractions of this city are the Khejarla Fort, Mehrangrah Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace & Moti Mahal, etc. making you relive and encounter true royalty.

It also has various museums like the Jodhpur Govt. Museum that encompasses a huge collection of textiles, armory, local craftsmanship & many relics.

Jaisalmer: The Golden City

Jaisalmer is said to be the most notable city & district of Rajasthan. It is a home to the administrative headquarters of the district, this district comprises of Fatehgarh, Pokaran & Jaisalmer. It was established in the 12th Century by Maharawal Jaisal. The classical tunes, beautiful artwork & irresistible moves of this desert reveal the culture & traditions in a rather refined manner. The people of this district are fun-loving, affectionate & propitious towards one and all.

This place is known as the “Golden City” of India due to the golden-yellow sand-bed spread across the entire region & the golden sandstone used in each building of the city! The entire city gives you an authentic desert travel experience at each moment spent here!

And so, if you are seeking a holiday to enjoy and encounter new experiences & bracing adventures; avoid missing out on the alchemistic and royal state of Rajasthan – Land of the Kings!

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