Rajasthan – Plan a Family Tour to Udaipur and Jaipur

Rajasthan – Plan a Family Tour to Udaipur and Jaipur

Rajasthan is one state that defines what India is all about. Culture, food, festivals, traditions, warmth, shopping. I don’t think there could be a state that could define India in a better way. From little kids running after your camel to the grandeur of large Palaces, and from large forts in Udaipur / Jaipur to the only Brahma temple in the world, you have everything in Rajasthan.
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It was papa’s 50th birthday this time, so how could it just be left onto a dinner at night? We decided on a road trip to Rajasthan, covering Jaipur, Udaipur and Pushkar.


We had our stay at Lohagarh Fort in Jaipur, so after a 5 hour drive from Delhi to Jaipur we knew we could relax ( and an additional thirty minute span for probably searching the resort which was deep through dark pathways and streets). It was a huge resort, spread over a really vast land, something that made Jaipur feel even more beautiful. Inside the hotel, was a shooting going on for one of Raw Stars singer.
I saw only around 50 cuts of the very same scene where he was trying to stop the girl he loved under heavy rain(on a bridge), and while she left him alone, one of his other (girl)friends would come and console him. It was an experience somehow.
We had a delicious plate of Paneer and Dal Makhani and went off to sleep in our cozy beds. The next morning,
I spotted so many rabbits, ducks, doggies roaming around their area. I even photographed them with every possible angle ( I know I talk too much about animals).
We had breakfast ( I hate having breakfast while traveling) after which we had to leave for Udaipur.
When we left, we saw some beautiful nazare (scenes), just a kilometre ahead of the resort, we saw buffaloes having their morning bath in a little family jacuzzi. On your way to Udaipur, you’d spot not less that 200 cows / buffaloes obstructing your way. They’d sit in the middle of the roads like it’s their kingdom.


Anyway, we reached Inder Residency, Udaipur somewhere around the evening after having a hefty lunch. We tried exploring the night market at Udaipur but sadly, only a few shops were open ( we still managed to shop a lot, A LOT).
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On our way back to the hotel,
we stopped by a Rajasthani restaurant, Gordhan Thal and had some traditional food in a huge Thali after which they even washed our hands with a ‘lota’ (they actually gave us real royal feels in just  Rs 250 per thali which had enough food to feed you for an entire day).
13th August 2016 : Papa’s 50th birthday!
After wishing, gifting and photography sessions we turned up to the City Palace. What a huge architectural beauty it was! It has great royal stories attached to it.Sheesh Mahal, Mor Chowk, Rang Bhawan, Manak Mahal, Krishna Vilas, Jagdish mandir, Fateprakash Palace, Durbar hall, Bhim Vilas all of these places in the palace have some beautiful history which could excite you. Taking along a guide or the manual audio guide would be preferable to know better about the palace. I’ll let the pictures speak the rest.
We even took a boat to Jagmandir, taking us through various appealing places near the lake. We even crossed the Taj Lake Palace, the most expensive hotel along with the Rambagh Palace, Jaipur. It is built in the middle of the lake, and belongs to the  Mewar dynasty of Udaipur. We clicked many photos  and went off to the Vintage Car Collection – Garden Hotel for our Lunch (not even as fascinating as the name suggests but okay). You could also get in and see some vintage cars after giving a sum of money not as worth it ( That’s what I think). The restaurant was fluffed with people for the delicious Thali it offered with the mix of Gujarati and Rajasthani food.
We returned back after the amazing time spent at the Palace and cut Papa’s golden chocolate birthday cake. The hotel threw a rain dance party for the long weekend rush which was just an icing on the cake.
Yet another evening passed into loads of shopping, Bandhni is a type of cloth famous in Rajasthan which is always of course a good gift too!
Rajasthani Handicrafts for Bohemians with Spirit Bohemian
You could also buy amazing handcrafted bags and accessories  (I loved the elephant designs personally). We had a pleasing dinner yet again and the day ended.
It was now time to turn to Pushkar, the land of the famous Camel festival. As soon as we reached we had lunch and decided to leave for Ajmer Sharif Dargah but due to certain road blocks, we had to return. ‘Pushkar resort’ was our stay for the last night in Jaipur. It was huge enough for us to walk the evening away.
We had only a few hours left in hand on the Monday morning of 15 th August! All five of us went on a camel ride to the Brahma temple
( the only brahma temple in the world). It felt so nice to go there through the village. Little kids would run after our camel and all through the way, there would be people waving at you. We did our worships, sought our blessings and after a very pleasant time through the village farms, pushkar market and the Brahma temple, we returned.
This marked the end of our four day four night trip and we returned to where we hail from with memories that would live throughout.

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  • Vamsi Reply

    Your post introduced to me a green Rajasthan, I always thought of it is a desert land with dunes and camels. Thanks for sharing the post – I am surely introduced to a new Rajasthan – which is green and even more colorful.

    Also checked the itinerary on Jaipur – have got Rajasthan on my bucket list already!


    October 31, 2016 at 12:11 pm
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