Travel to Capture the best of wildlife

Travel to Capture the best of wildlife

Animals are unpredictable, they will love you, they might come for you, they might eat you, they might protect you, whatever it may be, they are wild, AND I LOVE WILD

Roaming in a wild place, forest, even a sanctuary or safari trips. As a photographer one need to keep his/her eyes, nose and ears opened. You might not know what you get to shoot.

Being in the wild is fun, especially when you are alone or actually try it and believe it.

The key thing in this category is that one needs to wait for a long time, let them move, let them yawn, and let them stretch out a little bit. Don’t look them in the eyes behave as if they don’t exist, move the camera around a bit, you start walking here and there, move the camera little bit, swing it, pretend to capture and back and forth. Then after a while they will start ignoring you and that’s when you can get the perfect picture.

Here are some of the pictures with same technique.

Legal notice

As per law the photographs are not to be used without the concern of the photographer. However it’s absolutely free for NGO’s , but only with written permission.

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