7 Steps to a Perfect Travel Bucket List

7 Steps to a Perfect Travel Bucket List

Have you always wanted to make a perfect travel bucket list but did not know how to get all of it together? We’re here to help! Check out the 7 simple steps to your dream explore bucket list!

Figure out top 20 places

Your bucket list could contain infinite number of places that you want to visit. But, for a start, choosing 20 of your favourite destinations and prioritising them would be a better idea. Pick your destinations on the basis of feasibility and your will to visit them. Rank them accordingly and decide your favourite top 20 places!

Time Frame

Decide the time frame in which you’ll be able to cover all the destinations that you’ve planned. You might need a year or maybe five, but you should be particular about to make everything clear. Traveling like other things and activities is very important, make targets for this too. If planning for travel is done without time spans, you might tend to postpone it and your plans might just shatter.

Who do you want to go with?

You might want to go to Goa with your friends, Kerala with your partner and a place like Varanasi with your family or parents. With every place you wish to go, you could include who you want to go to with. You might have fantasised Carribean Islands with your school friends, or Thailand with your mother for a shopping extravaganza. For a certain trip, you might want your pets to accompany you.

A separate check list for every place

For every place that you want to go, you might be willing to explore some interesting things which belong only to that place. Say, for example, you plan to visit Goa, in Goa the five main things you’d like to do are trek through Dudhsagar falls, party at Vagator beach, try a specific Goan dish, stay till 5 in the morning at the beachside, and try water sports. These 5 things should be a part of the checklist for that place.

Plan your expenses

For every place, you must create a margin for the amount of money you’re willing to spend, you could even include how much money you would allocate to different things like shopping, food, adventure activities, stay, travel etc. Miscellaneous expenses should be accounted too for last minute itinerary changes or additional souvenirs. The above stated are the expenses in monetary terms, despite this there would be the expense of lost work time, visa, house and pet care for the time you’re out etc.


Outside the basic bag pack which would include clothes and certain specific things like identity cards, there is something that is demanded by every different place. For example, if you go to a meditation trip, you might not need a camera but at the same time if you’re visiting a place like Hampi or Kerala, you’d never want to forget your camera back at home. For a place like Goa, you’d like to buy perfect swim wear, shades, sunscreen etc. For a place like Kasol, you’d like take your favourite set of Hippie clothing. You might or might not include this in your travel bucket list.

Fancy compilation

Lastly, you could compile all these places into a fancy scrap notebook with where you want to go, who you want to go with, checklists, expenses, and extra bag-pack. You could put pictures of the places as well, put big check symbols for ticking when you’ve been there, and a little column for your experience and one photo of yourself with your favourite moment in that place.


We hope this was of help! You can post pictures of your travel bucket list at our Facebook page and get a chance to visit any one of them!

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