Adventures Sports in Rajasthan

Adventures Sports in Rajasthan

Adventure sports are means of entertainment and pleasure and are very different and interesting. These adventure sports are the sports of royals in the time of Maharajas.


Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Bikaner are the perfect places to combine the joys of adventure tours in Rajasthan and camel safaris. Thar Desert and its Camel Safari offers its visitors an enjoyable adventure with lots of memories. The Camel safari is undoubtedly one of the most popular adventure activities in Rajasthan. Taking a camel ride enables one to discover the lifestyle and culture of the desert peoples. Also one can get magnificent views of the sunrise and sunset. Travel through sand dunes, temples, havelis and other historic landmarks on this safari and have a glimpse of the lifestyles of surrounding villages. It’s a fascinating sight to see the camels adorned in colorful accessories of every kind, even as it gives you a gracious ride.


When it comes to exploring the beautiful landscape of Rajasthan, a hot air balloon ride is one of the best options. Float above the vibrant city of Jaipur with breath-taking views. You will get a wide overview of the most famous tourist attractions from a height of 1200 feet which is an unique experience in itself. Feeling the cold breeze in the sky and absorbing the colours, flavours and sounds of the magnificient city under you will make your tip more worthwhile.

The balloon will fly for roughly an hour, and gearing up and inflating the balloon will take two hours more. During the summer season, the maximum temperature often rises beyond 45 degree Celsius. Winters sometimes record minimum temperatures of as low as -2 degree Celsius. The rides are arranged at dawn or dusk, depending largely on the weather conditions. However, do not forget to bring your camera along with you during the ride, as the views from above are truly captivating.


Cycling is the most fun and cost-effective way to take in the rich landscape of Rajasthan. It is a land full of surprises as it consists of sand dunes, wooded hills, magnificent forts, palaces and havelis to bustling towns and villages. Rajasthan offers amazing diversity and is truly a feast to the eyes. Cycling is the most perfect way to look beyond the monuments and experience the beauty by visiting popular sites on bicycles which also gives you the freedom to explore any given destination or location at your own leisure.

Bicycles can be hired almost anywhere, and are sturdy and unlikely to develop snags while riding. They are ideal for exploring villages that are close to big towns such as Udaipur, Kumbhalgarh and Ranakpur, or for getting around the lush hills of places like Mount Abu.


Camping under the sparkling skies of Rajasthan allows you to feast your eyes on the unique view of celestial wonders at night. Camping expeditions in Rajasthan beautifully blend adventure with comfort and offer a truly one-of-a-kind outdoor experience. It is one of the most special things to do in Rajasthan, which allows you to witness the culture of the state, in all its exciting and colorful avatar. This will help you to blend with the wilderness of the region and to enjoy the traditional dances and music of the state. You can set up your own tents or hire tents according to your comfort.

One can choose from a variety of accommodations depending on one’s budget. Apart from entertaining activities, one also get a taste of the wonderful cuisines of Rajasthan.


Fly like a bird and enjoy the beautiful view of the city while in the air. This sport is mostly for adventure enthusiasts, though it still is in its initial stage, paragliding is a sport that must feature on your itinerary, regardless of whether you’re an adventure enthusiast or casual vacationer. Flying in the air will give you an unforgettable memorie as you soar above the beautiful, crimson-sand countryside of Rajasthan.

The thrill and excitement associated with this sport make it one of the most exciting things to do in Rajasthan for adventure lovers. However, one can engage in this activity only through the operators who are armed with the necessary equipment


Rajasthan has a number of blue lakes and water bodies where one can enjoy. Boating, swimming and fishing are very common in these lakes. Gliding in the splashing water and cool breeze will engrave you with thrill.

The most visited place is Ramgarh Lake near Jaipur is an artificial reservoir, where all kinds of water sports can be done throughout the year . Two of the most popular water based activities here are boating and gliding. Rafting too, is another sport which is quite popular here.


Rajasthan not only surprises you with its historic monuments and various other tourist destinations but also with the amount of flora and fauna it holds. The desert terrain is home to an enormous number of unique mammals, exotic birds and endangered species such as tigers. Treat yourself to the spectacular and vivid views that await you having a large number of sanctuaries which are home to various animals. One of these is Ranthambore National Park in Sawai Madhopur, which is renowned for its tiger population. Then there is Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary in Bharatpur, which is home to about 379 floral species, 366 bird species and several animals.

In the Desert National Sanctuary, Jaisalmer, common sightings include Great Indian Bustard, sand grouse, kestrels, laggar falcons, spotted eagles. In all these sanctuaries, one can view the exotic wildlife through a jeep safari.


This adventure sport lets you to fly high over the outer battlements of Jodhpur’s most regal fortress and desert lakes, and enjoy a beautiful view surrounding you. You get to glide past the colorful landscapes and get a magnificent view even as you feel a rush of adrenaline sweep through your body. Undoubtedly, zip lining is one of the most exciting adventure sports in Rajasthan. Whether it’s flying past a gigantic fort, desert lakes and fortresses or contrasting landscapes, thrill and adventure is your constant companion here.

Rajasthan is not only culturaly but also inclined towards adventure. There’s a lot in store to explore!

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