Auli, Uttarakhand, One of the most underrated places in India

Auli, Uttarakhand, One of the most underrated places in India

In our search across the hidden beauty of India, we have one traveller who has a lot to tell us about Auli, Uttrakhand and why you must not miss it!

Doing away with the usual boasting about the enlivening location, the scenic beauty and the perennially pleasant weather, Auli is a place which should be your next vacation spot. Its lesser known than all the mainstream vacation spots like Gulmarg, Manali or Kullu. The deficiency of the crowd in this area is something which makes this place a traveller’s paradise. Auli lies on the way to Badrinath which attracts thousands of visitors all year round, and on the contrary Auli attracts 1/10th of it. It has a startling 4km cable car route, boasts of an ideal ski destination and has the highest artificial lake.

During my stay at Auli, only three families were staying at our hotel GMVN, well, it’d be an insult if I call that place a hotel which sounds so metropolis; we had our own cottages each accommodating not more than 3 people. A small cottage, amidst of tall coniferous trees ranging from Deodhar and Pine wood, a picturesque view of mountains in a straight line Mt. Nanda Devi standing out from all the shorter ones, a wooden chair on verdant green grass, misty rose sky and sipping coffee, imagining this comes like a shiver down the spine. At this age where all the beautiful vacation spots that people from hot areas go to, have been thoroughly exploited, Auli is a virgin pristine beauty, sure is underrated but the feel of a hill station is found only here.

Where you won’t find any network in your cell phones, no matter how much the AirTel 4G girl praises the connection, Auli is for you and your mental concord. We spent almost 4 days there, horse riding to the top, a trek pass, the healthy stout but sturdy ponies or as called in local language ‘kacchhar” all of them had the routes memorised like a famous movie dialogue. I might be inequitable in saying this but in all the hill stations I have visited ranging from Shimla, Musoorie, Binsar, MukteshwarBinsar et al, Auli stands out of all these. The electricity is an issue here because its difficult to provide such luxuries at such high altitudes, even hot water is available during limited intervals of time, the televisions don’t show more than 10 channels either. Karl Marx would be happy to read that these material benefits are for the Bourgeoisie, to stay in Auli is to stay like a proletariat.

My stay had been a wonderful experience because of the splendid service from the limited staff there,  who were available to us as quick as a wink, serving us fresh and hot food. As I mentioned earlier, that I stayed with the GMVN as Auli doesn’t really have many hotels due to restrictions from the government or else it would fall into ruins like Kedarnath due to ever expanding urbanisation posing a peril to the environment.

In conclusion, I would like to mention this place can be visited during any part of the year yes even June because the weather is pleasant even when the whole of the country is burning up on  barbeque, they even hold Ski festivals in September which is a once in a lifetime experience for everyone who is seeking adventure. So, don’t forget your sport shoes for trekking, and a few sweaters for the night, most importantly your camera, because this trip is going to blow your mind and fill your camera with uncountable memories, panoramic  shots of the towering mountains lined like how the crows fly, pictures of trees which would break your neck to look up to. It would be worth every single penny you spend, and you would come back home to only go back to the tranquilbeauty.

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