Author - Spirit Bohemian

How to vacation in Bali?

Colossal waves waiting for you at the beach? Check. Aussies everywhere? Check. Artisan stuff here and there? Check. A strong exotic air, but no part spared by malls and their international brands? Check. Pure vegetarian food close to inaccessible? Check. Water sports at the Indian Ocean? Check. A population of [...]

The Ancient Splendor & Beauty of Prague

We boarded our train to Prague from Vienna. As soon as the train left the station at Vienna – Wien Westbahnhof, Nikhil shouted “where is the bag”, we searched every corner but it was gone…After a while the reality struck us hard …that we were robbed…. HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY….What [...]

Spiritual Adventure to Rameshwaram and Madurai

The Family pilgrimage – Our Spiritual Adventure !!! Life for me had always been that of a nomad. Two years is maximum time that I have spent at a place after I got married. Though is not strange for me…. Coming from an army background it has been a part [...]