Chhotaram Prajapat Homestay, Rajasthan


Chhotaram Prajapat Homestay, Rajasthan

Homestays: The increasingly popular choice to explore incredible India

The genesis of homestays started originally in God’s Own Country, Kerala, but since then this accommodation type has become an increasingly preferred choice among travelers. Affordable and offering hospitable hosts, you can find so many homes — ranging from quaint countryside houses to city apartments and plantation villas. But [...]


Which are the 10 highest peaks in India?

Whoever has heard about India, whether he or she is a resident of the country or lives abroad, knows the subcontinent for its diversity — not only culturally and lingual but also in terms of natural terrain, including valleys, mountains, rivers, flora, and fauna. Our country is also home [...]

International Day of Yoga

International Day of Yoga

Yoga and Ayurveda are two closely related branches that have evolved from our ancient Vedic scriptures. Focused purely to enhance our natural bodily mechanisms for healing and healing and rejuvenation, Yoga primarily uses techniques such as breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures to endow [...]

Indian Architecture – Stories from India

India is a land of architectural wonders and each of her monuments has a wonderful history attached to it. Since the coming of the Aryans, India has seen the rule of a lot of invaders. Each of these rulers has contributed to Indian architecture and these works have great [...]

8 places in Karnataka you should definitely not miss out

A glimpse at the kind of beauty that Karnataka has to offer shall undoubtedly intrigue you into visiting the beautifully laid scenic landscapes, high mountain ranges, huge waterfalls and everything to invite and invoke your senses. We have handpicked some of the destinations that are sure to gift you [...]