Meenmutty Falls (Kerala)


Meenmutty Falls (Kerala)

Top 10 Highest Waterfalls in India

India is a land of varied topography and has one of the most varied terrains in the entire world. Come monsoon and the country starts exhibiting its full scenic beauty — with rivers swarming with life, mountains graced with mighty, gushing waterfalls, and lush, blue lakes. Among all these [...]

beaches in goa

Best Beaches in Goa

Goa is a synonym for relaxing, chilling and partying. It is a small but prismatic meld of Indian and Portuguese culture. Goa offers plenteous of stunning and mesmerizing beaches extended along the Arabian sea. If you love sun, sea, sand, seafood and cool salty breeze of the Arabian sea [...]

Hill Stations of India

Hill Stations of India

India is a country with varied diversity, where over 1.2 billion people speak more than 700 languages; India is a melting pot of cultures and diversity, that’s why tourist and travellers find India very fascinating. India has several tourist destinations to visit, where you can experience the culture and [...]


Places to Visit in Mysore | Welcome to Mysore

What do we all really want from our holiday trip? Relaxation, fun, cherished memories, enjoyment, good food and good time exploring the nooks and corners of a new place. Nothing more, nothing less! In this post we will share with you about Mysore – experience from our blogger Avitanshi and her [...]

Identity Theft protection

How identity theft has become the biggest menace of traveling industry?

Traveling industry has been booming ever since the digital era entered into the picture with its innovative tools and products that enables travelers to book flights, sign up for tourist trips and compare hotel prices from the comfort of their homes. Although, the trend started with bulky desktop computers [...]

Caves of Maharashtra

The 5 best caves of Maharashtra

There is a secretive lure to ancient caves that eludes the brightness of sunbeams and radiates ancient history. Maharashtra is home to the largest number of caves in India and has an awe-inspiring Sahyadri Range caves of all sizes, shapes and hues. Below Are The 5 Best Caves Of Maharashtra. Ajanta [...]