Amber Fort

My first Solo weekend getaway to Jaipur from Delhi

Amber Fort

My first Solo weekend getaway to Jaipur from Delhi

I had been planning a solo trip to a place where I could explore things all by myself for a very long time but I never could plan a trip as such mostly cause I used to be surrounded by work or just not making the efforts to make it happen, but this time during my internship I got an exciting project which involved me taking a solo trip to the Pink city of India, Jaipur! This has been a dream come true moment for me where I finally realised that it just takes that little push to work for your goals. After 2 months of busy schedule and work, I finally got this opportunity which I just grabbed and my journey to Jaipur began.

Day 1 of My first Solo weekend getaway to Jaipur from Delhi

So on 28th April morning, around 8 AM I departed from Mandi house, Delhi towards Jaipur with my boss who was coincidently travelling to Jodhpur I got a pleasant ride to Jaipur which is on the way to Jodhpur. The highway from Delhi to Jaipur is one of the best highways in the Indian road network and is easy to drive down to. If you don’t get a chance to drive down or you’re not much of a driving enthusiast you could always take the bus, there are lots of buses which drive up and down Delhi- Jaipur or you could also board a train which usually departs in the evening.

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On our way to Jaipur just some miles ahead of Manesar, we stopped at Old Rao Hotel where we had some delicious tandoori Allu pyaz paranthas with some melting white butter and a hot cup of tea. Trust me there could not be a better way to start an exciting journey with a stomach full of delicious food. From there we resumed back with our drive and by lunchtime, we were at Jaipur by-pass road where we stopped to have our lunch at the Khandelwal Restaurant again a nice place to have a meal.

So that’s where I got down and took the road towards my journey alone. I got down at Sikar Road and took a city minibus to MI Road where I had planned to reside at the Moustache Hostel. It is a nice, ethnically decorated place with people from all over the world with a purpose to explore and take a break from their busy life and schedule. By 3 PM I had check-in there got freshen up, took some rest for about half an hour and since I was already excited about exploring the city I took an auto and went straight to the close by place which was Sun temple and khole ke hanuman ji temple you could read here if you want to know more about these places. I ended my day 1 by exploring the markets of Jaipur and having street food for dinner around the MI Road area.

Day 2 of My first Solo weekend getaway to Jaipur from Delhi

I woke up in the morning, got ready, had my breakfast and drove straight to amber fort. The plan for the day was to explore the three major forts in Jaipur and while I was at it starting from the drive up the hill to the amber fort is amazing it has a passage which is made up of stone in-between the houses which lay below the fort. The place still gives the vibes of that era though on the bike it felt even better. After exploring Amber fort the next two pit stops were Jaigarh and Nahargarh fort. It almost took me a day to explore these places, the drives to these forts are undoubtedly exciting as they are on the hilltops and the roads are pretty well maintained.

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Since I was in Jaipur in peak summer season it did get quite tiring exploring places in scorching heat but taking breaks in those palaces would make you up and ready to get back on the streets. After all this I went back to the hostel relaxed for a bit and later started interacting with people around, I had just been curious about what made them cover over to Jaipur and what exactly they were looking for all mear travellers looking for peace. After socializing a bit and a hearty meal I decided to end the day and hit my bunk. I took some videos asking people their experiences you can have a look at them here.

Day 3 of My first Solo weekend getaway to Jaipur from Delhi

It was quite hot and tiring but so what I kicked start my bike and went straight to the markets of Jaipur. The shops are so well planned throughout the city and the shopping complexes have this typical architecture of the ancient times that itself is a joy to see. After exploring the bazaars on choda rasta and tripoli bazar I came across a tower right in the centre of the city known as the izharat it’s a 7 story tall monument which gives a fascinating view of the entire city. You could go to city palace, Hawa Mahal and Jantar Mantar these sites are close by to this place, though I preferred to go to the cenotaphs of the kaccawa rulers, it’s a cremation ground for the kings of Jaipur and these beautiful cenotaphs have been built there in remembrance of them, the peculiar thing about this place is that the workmanship of the monuments are according to every deceased king liking.

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Making my next move towards the Gadh Ganesh temple which is on the hilltop right next to the cenotaphs it’s a nice trek which can also be done by climbing about 380 steps up. Unfortunately when I went up the temple was closed though I did interact with some people up there who described me the whole place. It is known to the second only temple where lord Ganesha is portrayed in his childhood and not with the elephant face. With this completing my to do list in Jaipur I went to the last pit stop that was Amer road where all the marble sculpture and blue pottery can be seen. If you’re an art lover and would want to take a souvenir from here you must get one from here.

Now my journey was almost at an end I had booked a bus ticket back home to Delhi at midnight so by dinner time I went back to the hostel had my meal met all the people around bid my farewell to them and took all the lovely and unforgettable memories with me back home. I only wish I could spend some more time there. I must say I did not expect to have such an amazing time all by myself out there plus the pink city made it even better. That night I made a promise to myself to keep doing it and push my boundaries to explore the world more.

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