Smart Packing Tips for Travelers in India

Smart Packing Tips for Travelers in India

We asked our travelogue contributors to suggest the packing tips. Since many of them are India lovers, they suggested things with a ‘Must Do for those traveling to India’.

Keep it light travel light.

If you can carry huge luggage without compromising on the fun – do it. Our travel bloggers suggest not to. Many a times backpackers have the edge in adventure & exploration because they always travel light. Keep it light and carry extra bucks with you. After all, shopping too is an adventure when you are on the go.

Sleep mask and ear plugs.

Whether you are travelling through a plane, train or even when you check in your hotel room, these are necessary & very useful especially when you are in India.

Make your suitcase spacious.

Folding clothes is good for corporate meets. Bohemians believe in rolling them to create maximum space for accessories, yes even inside of shoes.

Keep a shawl/scarf handy.

Many female travelers believe that keeping a shawl handy works always. It helps in the changing weathers when we are changing places and it also helps as a wrap in the crowded places. Works best in India – helps fight the weather and sometimes the pollution too.

Smart Snacking:

Go for smart snacks and save the money. Pack some quickie rolls, heat & eat foods to make sure there is not dearth of good food when you are on the go. Keep few kitchen bags handy.

Create compartments.

Have you heard of packing cubes? Well this smart strategy saves a lot from you having to pack and unpack. When you are shuffling between destinations this calls for a perfect time & space management causing no hindrances in your bohemian experiences.

Sharing is Caring.

When you are traveling in group or traveling as a couple – you must share your packing space. Consider splitting your clothes or food items or may be accessory pouches between two suitcases on the off chance of them getting lost during the flight. Secondly it works when you are on adventure rides, difficult treks or mountaineering in some remote locations.

Gadgets to Pack.

Carrying a torch, a multi-socket extension boards helps many a times. You might be booking the stay with the best of amenities but these are must pack items for bohemian explorers as suggested by fellow bohemians.

Digi-copy and Photo-copy it all.

When you are traveling to a different country it is always advised to make photocopies of your important travel documents. Starting from passports, tickets, luggage declaration advice etc. Keep digital copies in your phone and machine and carry the photocopies each in separate travel bag.

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