Psychological Benefits of Traveling

Psychological Benefits of Traveling

Travel can be far more beneficial than you know. All through our life, we travel to places that fill us with adventurous spirits, calmness, energy. With every journey, you realise how important it is to leave the backpack of stress and anxiety behind and head to a place which has a much more beautiful sight to offer. Many psychological studies have been done and each clarifies to a larger extent, the gravity of exploring. Here are the most important psychological benefits of travel.

It enhances your Creativity hormones

Is there something like a creativity hormone? Um, who knows?! The human brain is sensitive to the changing environment and experiences. A study done by Colombia Business School states that when a person is truly engaged in a new place with new culture and tradition, new people and a totally different environment, it can help explore new and creative ways to explore one’s own life. With exploration comes creativity which indeed paves way for mindfulness. Another study states that every traveller to India experiences an altogether new environment like nothing else due to its unity in diversity.

Happiness Boost from the day you decide to travel

Your birthday is around the corner, maybe in the next week, wouldn’t you be excited already? The same goes for travel. When you make a plan for travel, it excites you and gives you a happy pill every day until you’re finally back, or even after! Humans tend to be at their happiest state when they plan a vacation, further leading to positivity regarding health, money and social life. A study by Cornell University states that anticipation of a travel experience has a much higher chance to excite a person than the anticipation of buying a new possession!

High Impact on Personality

Meeting an entirely new bunch of people with an entirely different culture from your own is sure to teach you a lot. Why do people even want to go on a solo trip? Yes, you’re right, self-discovery, independence, confidence, social connections and empowerment. A vacation, especially a staycation, is sure to give you everything you want. You don’t scare your foibles when you know you’re in a group of unknowns, you won’t scare judgements, in fact, you would rather have plentiful of the chance to work on where you lack. Some places have the potential to teach you what you never could, without the journey. Some new people can teach you selflessness and some places can teach you humanity.

Build, Embrace and Nourish your relationships

Many studies show that the impact a journey can have, on your relationship with your other half is transcendent. Sneaking out from your daily (maybe monotonous?) life can indeed be pleasing with the one who plays the most important part of your life. It makes a relationship stronger and increases the level of understanding and comfort among two people (even if these benefits are often left unacknowledged). Other than that, it helps you build entirely new relationships among a bunch of people who have a different way of life and a different taste of culture. It helps you come out of your bubbles to a world that has so much to offer in the face of relationships, bonds, and cultures. Some encounters with people can even lead to long-lasting relationships and health conversations, be it in group or solo travel.

The Practice of Gratitude

Your journeys have a special way of teaching you the art of gratitude. It reminds you of the privileges you have. When you travel, even something as little as a butterfly flying across some tulips can excite you. The beauty of nature is a sight to the eye, constantly reminding you that life is way more than material benefits and status. Travel and let it teach you gratitude with every sunrise and sunset awakening your senses.

Are you still perplexed about whether to book your journey to a new destination already? Go out and travel as much as you can because this life is meant for you to explore every flavour of life. This life is meant for you to watch sunrises and sunsets from each and every corner of the entire world!

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