Trondheim-City in Norway

Top 5 Peaceful Destinations of the World

Trondheim-City in Norway

Top 5 Peaceful Destinations of the World

So obviously, for some part of your life, you’d like to go to a place with no safety issues, somewhere you can roam as long as you want, at whatever time you want. The following countries are with the least terrorism issues, robbery cases, rapes, and other criminal activities. And also these are the most preferred peaceful destinations for tourists across the world.


Stockholm, Capital of Sweden

                                                                                      Stockholm, Capital of Sweden

With only 9000 robberies a year, as compared to 3,50,000 reported robberies a year in the USA, Sweden stands fifth in the most peaceful countries. As per the Global Price Index, it has not been to war or combats since the last two centuries. The places to visit in Sweden include Stockholm, Kiruna, Gothenburg, Abisko, Malmö, Visby etc. Sweden ranked 5 in research being done on the most preferred peaceful destinations.

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Bled Lake

                                                                                            Lake Bled, Slovenia

With a very low amount of criminal records and a very peaceful environment to live in, it is one place you must visit before you die. Its beauty and peace won’t ever fail to amaze you. Slovenia stands 4th in the most preferred peaceful destinations of the world. Some of the popular places in the itinerary include, Lake Bled, Postojna Cave, Skocjan caves, Triglav National Park, Lake Bohinj, Bled Castle and many other such beauties, it’s one place you must visit without fret.


Marina Sand Bay, Singapore

                                                                               Marina Sand Bay, Singapore

Already a tourist magnet, this place also offers safety. Though a small nation, it never takes its right to exist and security for granted. Singapore has always concentrated on being a great neighbour to its fellow countries by establishing social, peaceful, economic and cordial political relations with all countries. Despite being amongst the most peaceful countries in the world, it is considered as one of the world’s wealthiest nations as well. The country’s homicide and violent crime rates are reportedly lower than the crime rates.

With places to visit like Sentosa, Singapore Flyer, Universal Studios, Marina Sand Bay, Night Safari , its botanical gardens and other places that don’t fail to amaze us, it really is worth a visit. Particularly it is a preferred destination for Indians due to a perfect mix of the Indian population, cultural mix and travel convenience.

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Trondheim-City in Norway - safest countries in the world

                                                                                    Trondheim-City in Norway

After three nations with the ’s’ letter, comes the land of the midnight sun. As per the Global Peace Index, Norway is one of the world’s most peaceful, friendliest and safest places to live in on Earth. It has one of the highest levels of human development in the globe. The government of the capital, Oslo’s priority is always peace. The famous places to visit in Norway are Viking Ship Museum, Geirangerfjord (waterfall/glaciers/kayaking/camping), Bryggen, Oslofjord etc.


Copenhagen Castle, Denmark - The Most Peaceful Destinations of the World

                                            Copenhagen Castle, Denmark – The Most Peaceful Destinations of the World 

Being the safest place on earth to live in, the people of Denmark are known to prefer focusing on economic matters rather than getting involved in various armed conflicts. Not only is the country safe in the terms of armed conflicts, but also, the normal criminal rates are very low. You would find these people to be very friendly and helpful. Tivoli Gardens, National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen Castle, Rosenberg Castle, Christiansborg palace, Rundetaarn, etc are the famous places to visit.

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