Chandni Chowk

What’s it like to be in Chandni Chowk during the festive season

Chandni Chowk

What’s it like to be in Chandni Chowk during the festive season

Shopping can be a load sometimes, a very burdensome one. So this Monday morning, just a few days before Diwali, we decided to go to Chandni Chowk in Delhi. In this world, you’d meet two types of people, one, who love Chandni Chowk by every means and the other who swear by never visiting the place again, there is no in between. I’d let you judge my type.

We turned up after a one and a half hour journey with road jams all over, already tired enough to further let the crowd absorb us.

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The auto couldn’t lead us further for the long traffic ahead so we had no option other than walking ourselves. We decided to first explore the cloth market. More than clothes, I could see humans. It is a very narrow street with a capacity for only one person to walk at a time.

So while the suit shops were fluffed with people, who looked more like ants pilling up on a piece of sugar, I decided to rather move ahead. I couldn’t even ‘try’ for that matter to buy anything with my mother.

And oh, the men there? They show absolutely no acknowledgment of a person standing in front of them while they walk off colliding and hitting. So yes, the fabric, cloth, suits, lehengas, saris, everything, seemed amazing, very pretty borders, well-done handwork and a ton of designs.

We just lacked the amount of dedication to go ahead and buy them. Further, we took a rickshaw, while we were painted with sweat ( not only OUR personal sweat). With a speed of 0.000002 km/hour, it leads us to the spice market.

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This market was comparatively calmer than the suit market (only comparatively). We bought some almonds and other dry fruits and decided to head for the ‘Paranthe wali Gali’.

When we entered the metro station, on that festive day, we could see nothing, absolutely nothing other than human beings and their heavy baggage from the streets of Chandni Chowk.

It took us more than forty-five minutes to cover a road with a span of less than half a kilometer, because, on the road, there was motor traffic and on the footpath, foot traffic. There was not even an open unenclosed area of .5 meter. Again, I couldn’t gather the strength to eat anything from the ‘Paranthe wali Gali’ for the simple reason that it required 4kilogram of forbearance, 7kilogram of exuberance, oh and also 9 kg of zeal for Paranthas.

I filled my tummy with the interesting procedure with which they made it.… yummy!

We were exhausted to the brim and decided not to explore anymore, at least in the festive season. We decided to leave via metro for two simple reasons, one that the roads would be jammed and the other, we couldn’t find an auto-rickshaw.

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I’ve never regretted ‘not’ carrying my metro card as much as I did on that specific day. It was a very, very long queue for buying the tokens. It took us more than half an hour to just buy them after encountering Bollywood like action fight scenes. After this, we had to spend another half an hour in the queue for checking and safety purposes. I think Chandni Chowk Metro station beats Rajiv Chowk Metro Station in every possible way, at least before Diwali.

Despite everything, if you have the commitment, you might find everything you need for this Diwali, crackers, home decor, clothes, dry fruits, gifts, all from top to bottom! Chandni Chowk wouldn’t fail to amuse you and will remain as a lifelong experience if you haven’t visited yet!

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