Write For Us

Are you a travel blogger, or someone who has a skill for imparting information in a humorous and informative way?How’d you like to publish a guest post on Spirit Bohemian!

Well, not really.

But if the glory of publication (and one link back to your site) is enough for you, and you want to share your writerly creation with our readers, here’s what you need to know!

Important Note: This opportunity is for bloggers and aspiring writers only. If you are looking for a link back to your for-profit site, that’s a sponsored post, not a guest post.


There are a zillion india informational blogs out there, and each one has its own distinct style. Ours is … well, spend a few minutes reading the other posts on our site, and we hope you get a feel for what we’re all about: insanely detailed indian information.

So when it comes to your submission, your voice and the depth of information you share is key!

This is what a guest post for Spirit Bohemian needs:

  • Your guest post should be insanely informative. We’re all about down to earth, useful information. And a whole, whole lot of it. No matter what you’re writing about, you should cover ALL of its angles, and avoid leaving questions for our readers to search for elsewhere. This is also our posts are pretty freaking long: all those juicy details take up a LOT of words, not to mention time to research & validate. We have horribly high expectations here.
  • Your guest post should SELL a destination. Whether you’re writing about your home town or your favorite vacation spot, by the end of the post I need to want to go there immediately. Tell me what makes it special and  convince me that I absolutely HAVE to visit. This also goes for everything that you recommend: tell me what to order on the menu, tell me why I NEED to visit X attraction.
  • Your guest post should not be cookie cutter. If I can find the stuff you’re recommending with a quick google search, it’s not in depth enough. We’re looking for tips and information that you can only get by visiting a place or being a local. Please don’t write about somewhere you haven’t been for at least several days. Also: the weirder/quirkier your recommendations, the better!
  • Your guest post should be built around a competitive keyword.  We can help with the keyword research, but it definitely helps if you have something in mind before you pitch to us. We’ll need to find a keyword/topic that you can design your post around before you start writing.
  • Your guest post should be relevant to our readers. Your topic should be something that our readers are interested in. Spend a few minutes browsing our site to get a feel of our content.
  • Your post should not be a story about a personal experience. We are looking for guest posts that are informative resources. Awesome stories about your own India are a great fit for your blog.
  • Your post should be about a topic that’s relevant to our audience. Here are some specifics about what we’re seeking at the moment:
    • India Information: We’re especially seeking content about any/all informations of the India. We love city guides, lists of places to visit in a specific state, self-guided walking tours, and local’s guides about where you live.
    • Hiking: We’re looking for lists of hikes to do in a specific destination, whether it’s a city, or mountain range. Hiking guides should contain lots of personal experience: you should be a hiker and you should have first-hand experience hiking in the area you’re writing about.
    • Food, booze, and coffee travel: What to eat and where to eat it. For food/drink focused posts, we’re currently seeking posts about destinations we’ve already covered – please take a look through our destination guides and let us know if you spot an overlap!
    • Local’s guides: Tell us everything about where you live! What to do and see, where to stay, what to eat, and insider tips that only locals would know.
    • Day trips & Weekend trips near X city: What are some of the coolest things to do near a major city? How can our readers get off the beaten path? We’re especially seeking posts that overlap with destinations we’ve already written about, so please take a look through our destination guides and let us know if you spot an overlap.
    • Self-guided walking tours of a city: If you had to design a path for our readers that would take them through the coolest parts of your favorite city, where would you send them? What route should they take, and where should they stop? Put your tour guide skills to the test and design a self-guided walking tour for our readers

Have an idea? Awesome. We’d love to hear it! Send us a message with your pitch. If we like your submission, we’ll get back to you and move forward with your pitch. We might need to work with you to nail down your topic/keyword and craft an outline together.

Email- Spiritbohemian2016@gmail.com