15 Travel Tips to India

15 Travel Tips to India

15 Travel Tips to India

India is the primary polestar to conglomerate cultures, religions, history, flora, fauna, spirituality, spices & food. It is the diversity in culture, the scenic natural destinations, a plethora of handicrafts and cuisines that makes it a preferred destination for international travelers who are keen to explore the bohemian as well as spiritual side of this ancient country called India.

With the economic development and business opportunities, it has fast become a home for expats in India. And to make them feel at home, we have customized travel packages for India and we also arrange for guided expat tours for the corporates and independent groups. We arrange our India itineraries as per the group, the destinations and weather conditions.

Planning to make a visit to India sometime soon? It is important that you make your trip a belly flop to this beautiful and exotic country at a mutual best of everything! To facilitate our visitors as their official holiday organizers, we have brought together a list of tips one must keep in mind when they are about to explore India.

Here are some tips you can look up to prior commencing your trip-

1. Make a list

Primarily, ensure that you have enlisted all the tourist spots that are worth visiting. Apart from tourist spots, choose a type of place that amuses you, for instance beaches; and Google search the most festive, exotic & blithe beaches in the country!

And if you are concerned about the cross check, personal attention and safety etc., pick an itinerary from spirit bohemian instruct our team if you seek any special arrangements and we will make sure everything is planned and executed the way you want it.

2. Keep yourself well-hydrated throughout

The climate in India is typically dry, hot & a bit humid throughout. Make sure that you drink half a gallon or 2L of water daily on a regular basis in order to stay active, fresh, chipper & internally healthy all day every day. If you are hygiene-driven yet adventure loving, you can consider carting a water filter. This would be beneficial for places which do not avail bottled and clean water on-the-go like at camping sites or treks.

3. Start your day with a Chai!

The Indian Tea or “Chai” can be a blissful and feasible consumption to make early in the morning as it has a variety of delicious and healthy ingredients that add flavor to the classic taste of tea – like cardamom & ginger. The only concern you should keep would be that the container is clean and the tea has been properly boiled before your eyes.

Or you can choose from the list of trusted Chai Shops which are tried, tested and verified by team Spirit Bohemian. The flavors of Indian chai can be explored from Kashmiri Kahwa to Assam tea and we are sure you will pack some to carry with you as Indian souvenirs.

4. Avoid Brushing your teeth with Tap water

Gums are a direct pathway to your bloodstream which can make you prone to various bacterial infections and diseases & water can be a little too filthy and dirty in India, for which it is crazy to rely on tap water for brushing your teeth. Hence, brush your teeth with bottled water to ensure a fine-fettle hygiene system.

This is another health hack for the tourists to ensure a lovely stay at India.

5. Follow Temple Rituals to pay respect

Hindu temples are alluring & statuesque, for which they follow certain rituals to embark the religion and the norms that follow. If you plan on visiting one, ensure that you purchase some flowers prior entering and offer them to the main statue-figure of the deity to signify respect and propose a prayer.

Our welcome document in India will cover all the detailed tips about the Spiritual Tour to India.

6. Prepare a hardcopy / softcopy of the e-tickets you’ve purchased to ensure entry at the airport

The airport has military guards at its entrance who ensure that each passenger, regardless of an arrival or departure, is in possession of a valid ID, an itinerary and a printed form or a downloaded form of their respective e-ticket.

You must be sure & cross-check that you are carrying all the desired documents to avoid the undesired situations at an Indian holiday.

7. Burrow your Passport and Money

Theft and robbery sees no cast or creed. India is a home to immense poverty as well. So, beware of beggars and pick-pockets that come your way through the journey. Be careful whilst protecting your cash-in-hand on-the-go while in the public and always keep your passport intact!

We make sure of the safety of our guests in India but these are important when you are on a shopping spree or a cultural/food walk in the hustling Indian markets.

8. Street Food

If you’re up to taste the roots of this country, don’t miss out on the popular street food. It is feasible & comes at different levels of sweet and spicy. The options available are hygienic and follow the standards but it is advised to keep a check and also follow the instructions as provided by your doctor back-home. Temptations are good but make healthy choices only.

You can share your preferences with us in advance and we will help you with the best of cuisine options, from eatries to restaurants which are a must explore in India.

9. Public Conveyance

What’s with wanting to roam about the country without experiencing its naïve transportation facilities? Again, utilizing public conveyance can be audacious yet you need to be careful throughout your travel to be safe of mishaps. Buses are fun to travel provided the journey is short & a train is must travel!

10. Carry a Travel Towel

The standard of hospitality at distinctive hotels may differ from area to area through the city price ranges. Hence, either ways, consider carrying a travel towel which you can wash post use and maintain personal hygiene.

11. Shop Wise

Keep in mind how the local Indian market functions. Almost all packaged products have a MRP (Maximum Retail Price) written on it which is often easier to bargain lower than the MRP in full amount at local marketplaces and shops.

12. Carry Pro-biotics

These help boost a good form of bacteria inside the stomach, aiming to enhance the digestive procedure. It also increases natural immunity. These are also advisory to be used prior landing, whilst travelling and so on.

13. First Aid Kit

Do not forget to pack a well-equipped first aid kit containing band aids, bandages and a small bottle of Dettol with all your prescribed medicines (if any) along with basic medicines for common flues and diseases.

14. Items to Carry

  • Sunscreen (make sure that you have tried it on before and that it suits your skin!)
  • Basic Medicines
  • Mosquito Net
  • Sun Hat
  • Passport Photos
  • A crystal-clear Map of India
  • Crocs
  • Toothbrush & Dental Floss
  • Thermal Underwear
  • Hand Sanitizers

15. Avoid going out after dark if you are not familiar with the local roads & areas

Heading out of your residence after dark all by yourself; is not a wise idea regardless your gender. Make sure that you’re in company of a known friend/acquaintance who can guide you through if in case of a mishap.

Henceforth, India is your place to be coddled, mollycoddled & pampered to a new rather new level of relaxation. From the ancient spiritually-excellent healthcare systems like “Ayurveda” to the new nerve-relaxing massages; India offers amusing rejuvenating treatments across the entire country! So, explore the enthralling and enchanting nooks & corners of this country with joy & a well-integrated plan.

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