Spirit Bohemian Travel Fellowship 2020
For those who believe traveling is a way of life.
What is in it for you?
A month long travel fellowship.
All expenses paid for the trip.
Craft your own travel stories through pictures, words and videos.
Leave footprints with aspirational travel stories.
Develop social media proficiency.
Engage, lead and influence other travellers on social media platforms.
Identity Theft protection
Who are we looking for?
Looking for someone who;
Loves traveling
Can take good photos
Can write well
Loves exploring new places
Even better, if you can;
Make video stories
Create vlogs
Can talk well
All you need is
Ability to write well.
Be physically fit.
As a Spirit Bohemian fellow
Visit different cities.
Explore the way you want.
Write a post or make a video about your experience.
Take over Spirit Bohemian Instagram and YouTube for the duration of the     fellowship and publish your stories and videos there, under your own name.
Application and Selection Process
Your instagram, Youtube, Blog and other social spaces!
Send us a short video why you are the perfect choice.
Share what you do? Student, full time traveller, employee together with the social handles.
Terms & Conditions
The stay at each destination will be arranged by our aligned travel partners.
SpiritBohemian.com will have the rights for content curated, captured and created during the fellowship.
Participants will be solely responsible for their travel conduct during the fellowship.
Once selected this fellowship is not transferable to any other person.
Our Past Contributors
Our past contributors are a diverse set of travelers. All these people have a chosen set of travel preferences ranging from treks to heritage tours. They have contributed to vlogs, travel stories, property reviews etc.

Anisha Dutta
Content writer, copy editor and traveller. Uses her art to explain the best of her explorations for the readers. She believes that all good things must be talked about.

Sachin Ahuja
A corporate goer. Fun loving solo traveler who believes travel is calming and helps in breaking the monotony. A people’s person who believes in perspectives, he blogs about people and experiences.

A content writer by profession and a bohemian by spirit. Priyadarshini believes in stepping out for oxygen. Yes for her travel is like a dose of life which she needs to survive.