Handicrafts of India

Handicrafts of India – The weavers paradise

Handicrafts are commonly loved among Indians. Otherwise referred to as a handmade artisan or handmade crafts, they involve rigorous skill and hard work from people to create items and convert them into the marvelous pieces. These are often made from clay, wood, rock or stone using simple yet magnificent tools. These require a lot of difficulties as they are prepared by hands and do not use machines or automatic devices. Given the rich tradition and diverse characteristics of art and heritage, India is an advantage to have skilled artisans. Hence India has rich handicrafts among all around the world which adds name and fame all over.

The handicrafts are so elegant that they receive an extravagant look from everyone who witnesses the beauty. Further, forget not, many lives in our country still depend on handicrafts as a profession to earn a livelihood. Creating art has been preserved in India through the form of handicrafts which are well received and applauded even in international markets.

The country has its own experience and excellence in the production of different types of handicrafts. In this article, let us see some of the famous handicrafts in India.

Handicrafts with Bamboo

Bamboo handicrafts are well known to be eco-friendly in nature yet are used to make diverse things like dolls, toys, mats, furniture, wall décor, jewelry boxes, baskets, bags and so on. Bamboo handicrafts are elegant and simple to look hence are attracted by several consumers. They can be found in abundance in states like Assam and Tripura.


Zardozi work and handicrafts are well known to those who love jewelry ornaments and thread works.They are used to make designs with gold and silver threads with stones and pearls. While mostly these were done with silver wires and gold leaves, nowadays one can see combinations of copper wire or wires with golden or silver polish. These handicrafts of India are famously seen in regions like Hyderabad, Lucknow, Bhopal, Mumbai, Ajmer, Chennai, Kashmir and Delhi.


Leather skill is well known ancient handicraft prevalent in the country. It is used to make a variety of items such as caps, clothes, bags, saddles, shield, and footwear. States like Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra are prominent when coming to leather handicrafts of India for making leather shoes (how can we forget the famous kolhapuri chappals) and crafts.


The tradition of pottery has evolved from the time of Harappan civilization. There are wide range of designs and colors in pottery which is eye catchy and can make us awestruck. The vibrant colors like orange, brown, red, and so on can be found in states like Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. Further, several regions in Rajasthan is famous for painted pottery. Forget not, the famous Kagzi pottery from Alwar and blue pottery of Jaipur. These handicrafts of India are well known to be unique in their own style and glamor.

Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina textiles are the well-known woolen type of handicrafts which originated from Kashmir initially. They are made of cashmere wool. These are totally processed by hands by dedicated craftsmen. The old district of Srinagar is a famous center for fabric production of Pashmina. It takes extended 180 hours to produce a single shawl and hence is exquisite and vibrant in that way.


Regions such as Punjab, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu has a rich tradition of the woodwork. The Handicrafts of India also hence includes the woodwork from places like Kashmir (well known for artifacts), Chhattisgarh for wooden doors, windows and sculptures, Jharkhand for wooden toys and Goa for a blend of both Indian and Portuguese crafts. Further, red sandalwood rose wood, kumbli wood is famous in south India for cutlery, boxes, decorative items, flowers, birds, animals, and similar arts.


Brass is a well-known metal to make handicrafts. It is known for its durable nature. It is used to make several handicrafts like tables, lamps, boxes, wine glasses and so on. There are still artisans present in the country who deal with Brass metals which are known as Kansaris. Rajasthan is a well-known spot for brass handicrafts.


Jute handicrafts are well known in the globe. The bags, stationaries, bangles and jewelry, footwear and wall décor are well known among jute handicrafts. Several tourists from all over the world take jute handicrafts of India with them when they visit the country. The major jute handicrafts markets in India are in Assam, Bihar and West Bengal.

Shell handicrafts

Conch shells, tortoiseshell, and seashells are different types of shells used to make handicrafts of India. They are used to make bangles, decorative items, jewelry, curtains, mirrors, mats, and forks. Places like Goa, Orissa, and Gulf of Mannar are well-known regions to find artistic shell handicrafts.


Sarees are traditional wear worn by several Indian ladies. They are around 5-6 meters long which are used to wrap around the waist and drape over from the shoulder. The silk sarees are quite famous in India originating from West Bengal and Assam. They come in various colors and magnificent designs.
Some of the finest handicraft designs and sarees in India include Banarasi sarees from Banaras which have Zari work within them along with Kanchipuram sarees from Tamil Nadu, Gadwal from Andhra Pradesh, Irkal from Karnataka. Sarees are found in almost all the states and places in India due to the prominence and popularity attached towards it. Every state has a different kind of weaving and saree techniques unique to their culture.


Phulkaris are well-known handicrafts techniques found in regions of Punjab and Haryana. They are flower work design embroidery hence known for the name. While they were earlier limited to be in shawls and scarfs, one can see the Phulkari designs in garments, ornaments, slippers, juttis, and bags and so on also. The phulkari handicrafts of India require complex designing with stitches all around. It starts from the center and spreads towards the whole of the fabric. The colors are generally bright and beautiful.

Carpet weaving

North India is quite famous for its carpet weaving techniques. Places like Uttar Pradesh has the largest carpet weaving industries which have catchy eye designs on them. More than 500 carpet weaving factories can be spotted around Bidohi which is considered as a home for the handicrafts of India. Further, states like Kashmir is famous for its silk carpets.

Given the list of famous handicrafts of India, let us also know the government approved handicrafts shops in India which are authentic in case you want to shop for any. The well-known famous places include Dilli Haat in Delhi, Kala Madhyam in Bangalore, Khazana in Taj Group of Hotels, MESH in Hyderabad, Rajasthali in Jaipur and Ekamra Haat in Bhuvaneshwar.

Hence, forget not, in case you visit any of the mentioned cities or places in India, do check out the artistic handicrafts in their region. Given that every state in India is well known for its unique handicraft form and art within, India is for sure land for crafts with wide range variety in different forms and designs. The tradition of handicrafts has evolved in India from generations, and hence the legacy of craft and art continues thus preserving the Indian culture.