Mystic of India

INDIA – Explore the Mystic of India

Mystic of India

INDIA – Explore the Mystic of India

India is said to be the land of mystics. The orient has always been a source of spiritualism and mysticism to the West and rightly so. India is steeped in spiritual beauty and provides food for the soul. From the mighty stretch of the Himalayas framing the country in the north to the waves of the Indian Ocean washing her feet, India provides enough of contrasting landscapes to be in perpetual awe. Welcome to our portal – we are all you need to know about India. Lets Explore Mystic of India

The home of the mountains

The mighty Himalayas from the crown of India and stretch from North to North East. The serene hill stations provide the best kind of spiritual refreshment for your soul. The clean mountain air and the winding paths give you a refreshing and mystical experience. Kashmir in the North offers heavenly views of snow-capped peaks and valleys filled with flowers. Other hill stations like Shimla, Manali, Dalhousie, Dharamsala in the northern part of Sikkim and the seven sister states in North-East promise to give you an enriching vacation with breath-taking views of peaks and long stretches of lush green valleys that will delight you from within. A relaxing vacation in a cosy homestay at the foot of the Himalayas will undoubtedly be one of the best experiences in your life. Indian hospitality is something to experience in order to believe and if you are somewhere up in the hills, the homestay experience is absolutely divine. You can almost find a home for yourself in the lap of the Himalayas. The bounty of nature coupled with human touch and warmth is the best kind of spiritual gift that you can get.

Divine destinations

India is a land of varied cultures, religions and beliefs. Each of these beliefs co-exists with each other to make way for a unique divinity. The real mysticism lies in the healthy co-existence of so many beliefs and each merging into the other to impart a message of peaceful existence. On one hand you can go back in history to find some of the oldest churches in the sub-continent established by the colonisers or the monasteries in the hill stations to find a heightened sense of peace and devotion. On the other hand, you can imbibe immense spiritual energy just by sitting on the ghats of Benaras every evening during the famous Ganga aarti. The lighting of the lamps fills the air with such positivity that you can really feel something divine in the air.

In fact, the river Ganga has been a source of inspiration since times immemorial. Not only has it given birth to an entire civilisation but has also been worshipped for its spiritual significance among Indians. You can also visit the famous Golden Temple which is the holiest Gurudwara in the country and is known for its peaceful ambience that touches your soul every time you visit the place. If you are looking for a thrilling experience which is spiritual at the same time, go further up the hills to reach Kedarnath, Badrinath or Gangotri. These places are difficult to reach but once you are up there you will feel as if you are on paradise.

The colourful culture

If you have to experience the real India, you have to deeply delve into its rich culture. There is something magical in the culture of India that has left travellers enchanted. There is music in the air even in the vast stretches of deserts in Rajasthan. It is marvellous to witness how the dry and obscure lands have given birth to such a colourful lifestyle, heart touching folk music, amazing handicrafts, delectable shopping experiences and world renowned cuisines. The same can be said for the people in the hills or near the forested lands and tea gardens where the terrain has given birth to a completely different culture and lifestyle. The customs, dressing and music of those people seem to be an extension of the place being visited. It is truly a learning experience how to make the best of life using whatever nature offers you.
Indeed, such is the beauty of India! Come, explore this mystical land and get immersed it all She has to offer.

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