5 Hindi Phrases Every Foreigner Must Know Before Heading to INDIA.

5 Hindi Phrases Every Foreigner Must Know Before Heading to INDIA.

India is a land of beautiful heritage and cultures through which nu-merous people from all over the world come and enjoy its beauty. In India there are 22 different languages spoken by the people but the majority speaks Hindi. Fortunately for foreigners in India, English is spoken widely in the country. From hello to thank you, the following five expressions will make you sound more cultured in front of locals to getting better deals while shopping and generally have a more comfortable India tour.


In India, Namaste is the equivalent of hello, but with an element of respect. You might be knowing this popular word as it is widely used in the world of Yoga as it send a message of peaceful spirituality to the universe in the hopes of receiving a positive message back. It is paired by a folded hand gesture and a gentle bow of your head and neck, this will make the locals quite pleased with your manners.


Kya ( Do ) Aap ( You ) English Bolte ( Speak English ) Hai ( ? )

Hindi and English are the two main languages which are used for most of the government and official communications throughout the country and are also the business languages of many cities. This phrase will let the other person know that you dont speak much Hindi and fell more comfortable conversing in English and with the help of this phrase they can connect you with the nearest english speaker they know making it easier for you.


Aap ( You ) Se Milkar ( Meet ) Khushi ( Happiness ) Hui

In India, people really value your gesters and the words you use during a conversation. This phrase ‘Aap Se Milkar Khushi Hui’ is a way of letting people know that how happy you are that you met them. Using this phrase after every conversation makes the person to whom you were talking to feel even more respected and happy.

Also this a way of thanking someone who has been very helpful to you.


Ye ( This ) Kitne ( Is For ) Ka Hai ( How Much )

Many foreigners come to India and tend to pay much more for a particular product than its original value. This is because of the dif-ference in languages, all you have to do is to ask this question to a seller and he will assume that you know the regional language and will quote its price accordingly. As shopping is a priority for any tourist, this will help you shop more efficiently.


Yeh ( This ) Bohot ( Is ) Mehenga Hai ( Too Expensive )

This is the best phrase to use when you need the seller to tell that the price of the product you want is rather high than you expected and are willing to buy that product for a much cheaper and afforda-ble rate. Shopping on Indian streets is a rather big task but if someone knows how to bargain and use the correct phrases then it helps them alot.

You can rest assured that you can easily manage your visit to India and get by the cities and towns with your knowledge in speaking English. However, sometimes, a little knowledge of Hindi words could serve you a great help and do the wonder.

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