Delhi State

Art and Culture in Delhi

Delhi State has the history and culture of its own. The identity and diverse culture cannot be defeated due to its unique nature. The city, being the national capital, has seen influences of a diverse range of art and culture from several centuries from different places. Hence it boasts of vibrant art and heritage. If you start reading its history, one cannot deny the fact of having a range of lifestyle, art, craft, music, and culture within it. To celebrate such great diverse art and culture around the city, there are also several cultural programmes and art galleries which are marked around. These events further attract us to celebrate their uniqueness.

History of Art and Culture in Delhi State

The strong influence over Delhi’s art and culture began from the time of Mughals rule. The intricate designs, architecture, carvings, and the paintings were worth to admire. They were priceless. The Persian artists were often invited to weave carpets and crafts turning them into beautiful structures. One can see such structures still in Old Delhi State. Matia Mahal situated around the area has a collection of such master crafts work. Such designs and jewelry are still being sold which are owned by decedents of those ancient artists.


The ‘zari zardozi’ which is embroidery by a golden thread is a popular form of craft work seen in several velvets and silk clothing. These intricate designs add value and price to these products. The silver threads are being used to embroider the work which adds value, color, and shine to these clothes. The unique craftsmanship of these artists which is backed by regal culture can still be seen in Matia palace area.
Other forms of arts here include pottery, toy sculpting with wood, polishing works, and kite making. They are also existent around old Delhi area. These handicrafts are still sold at a high value around Dilli Haat, Pragati Maidan, and state emporiums.
One should not miss out the ‘meenakari work’ which is colored paint embossed on gold and silver. This gives a look of precious metal due to the pieces of color it adds. Further, there are craftworks such as lacquer bangles which are still popular among several women.


The famous and unique artwork perseveres in several galleries. The exquisite art and craft work of several ancient forms are stored for people to admire in coming generations as well. The national gallery of modern art, Sanskriti Kendra and Lalit Kala academy are few spots of main art and craft galleries in the city. There are also cultural events happening around including classical music, dance performances and exhibitions for the public around these galleries.

Cultural venues

Siri fort auditorium, Pragati maida, Kamani, chamber theatre and FICCI are few familiar venues where several cultural programmes are held. There are international drama and plays organized around these areas every year to promote Delhi culture.
Some of the other places encouraging the art and culture of Delhi include Alliance Francaise De Delhi, National School of Drama, Triveni Kala Sangham which organize several programmes to promote and celebrate Delhi’s uniqueness.

Given are the cultural and art hubs in and around Delhi. Due to its ancient history and reign, most of the older and traditional forms are still located around the areas of Old Delhi. However, it is worth celebrating that several cultural bodies and hubs have taken up the cause of preserving and promoting Delhi’s art and cultural habits in their own unique and creative way, which can indeed pass the tradition over to the next upcoming generations.