Coimbatore through my Lenses

Coimbatore through my Lenses

A camera, myself and beautiful natural scenery around me. It’s a perfect set-up for a photographer and since it was an official trip to Coimbatore and as a traveler I enjoyed a lot and was immensely happy as it was official trip so in a way I was gonna get paid for this whole experience. Here is the tiny description of one of the most mesmerizing of my journeys, the destination this time is Coimbatore.

In Coimbatore, I covered landscape and city shots and that also includes amazing scenery, divine and colorful temples and much more.
Coimbatore is located in Tamil Nadu, south of India. It is a beautiful place with somewhat moderate climate.

As a traveler I always like to try local dishes and stay amongst the locals. And that exactly what I did. Started the day with ‘Onion Uttapam’ along with strong ‘filter coffee’. Had ‘Chicken Biryani’ for the lunch and famous mix-veg rice for dinner. And stayed at a local lodge for just Rs.250/night, overall it was a good experience.

The next morning I was ready to travel and to shoot. So I started bargaining with the auto guys and it was damn expensive. Option two was to travel by bus, which was time consuming. So I stared asking people how to? And what to? And yes the language was a barrier! Most of them knew English, bust some used sign languages to make me understand

People suggested me to use OLA, and he added “it’s cheap”, I tried and to my surprise it was cheap.

I visited many places and started with the Ramar Temple,When i went there the prayer was going on, so i was not allowed in. but i captured the gate in which the prayers go on.

Marudamalai Temple

This temple is on top of the mountain and gives a commanding view of the city. one can see the entire Coimbatore city from the veranda of this temple.

Arulmigu Eachanari Vinayagar Temple

This is the only temple i saw in Coimbatore which was not colourful but. i find it very appealing and as if it has a commanding perspective.

Tiger Reserve Area

this was an accident, on my way to dam i jumped out here and decided to walk.. there was a sign saying (Pollachi Tiger reserved area, do not honk.). i definitely freaked out. out of all these places, this was one place i felt like walking. i packed my camera and waited for any vehicle to arrive. luckily a commander jeep showed up with 4 army personals. and trust me i was very happy to see them with there guns. they gave me lift to the nearest bus stop and i decided to go the opposite hill the see what the tiger reserve area look like. this place also has dam in opposite side highly recommended.

Aazhiyaar Dam

This is a very beautiful place, though it was under construction, i managed to capture some pictures. I waited for an hour, no. actually I was walking here and there near the dam and making friends with the local. so as the knew me more and as i shared my story of travelling, one of them said “if u can climb those stares you will be able to see the dam and can click pictures”. “Why not” I replied. i was accompanied half way as they where working somewhere in the middle portion and i climbed further. the stares where big, not in proper shape, uneven sizes. i still climbed and.. and it was beautiful.

Singanallur Lake

This is an artificial lake, its big, it has lots of fishes, there are fishermen fishing in them, and there are the ones who sell the fishes.. , the small circular plastic vessel is the fishing boat and requires three peoples to counter balance the weight.

As it was a shot trip I missed out some places and look forward to visit all the places again in sometime. This trip not only eased out a lot of the work load stress but also made me fell in love once again with my work and the experience was outstanding. I am totally in love with Coimbatore.

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  • Ritu Reply

    Wow! This is such a picturesque post that I am surely visiting Coimbatore in my next trip to India. Not just the rich heritage of these temples and the blogger’s narration, I am awe-inspired by Spirit Bohemian India’s concept of travel inspiration.

    I am eager to visit Coimbatore now, its right on the top of my bucket-list now. I am surely gonna be bohemian in my next India tour!

    Thanks for sharing.

    October 7, 2016 at 3:30 pm
    • Admin Reply

      Hey Ritu!

      Nice to have you here and we hope you enjoyed the travelogues. Yes, Coimbatore is beautiful and serene. Let us know when you are planning to India next and we will let you know if we have an itinerary shared by any of the traveloggers!

      Until then #BeBohemian and enjoy #IndiaStories and you can also share your travel stories on our space.

      October 10, 2016 at 9:48 am
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