Education Delhi

Education and Industry in Delhi

Delhi being the national capital in the country is not only famous for several shopping and touristy sites but is well known for the quality of education and space for several local trading industries around the city. The specialty here is that several of these products are locally made, genuine and is a result of small and medium artisans, people in business and craftsmen in the city. Besides, in addition to the industry base, the Delhi Education is prominent and well known in the country for its wide range of choices it provides to students from all parts of the country. From school level education to the higher levels, Delhi has a variety of courses and colleges to pick from.

In this article, let us know more about the education sector along the variety of industries present in the city.

Education in Delhi

Education when we think of, we can imagine primary schools and secondary schools along with colleges and higher educational universities. Delhi, fortunately, has a blend of all these equally. Managed by the education department of state government, the body looks effectively into the school education system and makes sure the schools function well with quality. There are both state and central schools along with international syllabus schools in the city, thus giving common man an opportunity to choose from in this range of variety.

Further let us not forget the premier institutions which are home in Delhi like Indian Institute of Technology, National Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and Planning, Delhi Technological University, and Jawaharlal Nehru University. And how can we forget the famous Delhi University which is well known nationwide for several colleges and courses it gives us too. The colleges host students from various parts of the country to study in different courses both in bachelors and masters level. With the quality and standards unmatched, it is no doubt in the university being a top priority for several college goers in the country.

Besides, Delhi also hosts other range of private and central universities which gives premier educational opportunities. Some of them to mention here include Jamia Millia Islamia, National Law University, Indian Statistical Institute, Ashoka University, and Indian Institute of Mass Communication. The famous and celebrated All India Institute of Medical Sciences is also situated in the city. Hence one can say that there is no loophole and miss-outs in different courses it provides in various forms, making sure no student is missed out in taking the education he or she wants. Delhi hence comes up a wide range of opportunities and pool of colleges and courses to choose from.
No wonder, the literacy range of Delhi is around 86.3% making it one of the well-educated state in the country.

Local Industry in Delhi

The industry in the city has been developing from the time of ancient rulers and kings. The kingdoms lik Mughals have heavily encouraged and concentrated on the craft culture, and this legacy has been still carrying forward till present date. The old regions of Delhi, for instance, can still smell the traditional culture of arts and crafts manufacturing and making. Further, the other concentrated areas from the time of ancient era include weaving, spinning, cotton ginning, packaging, and sugarcane industry. It has been only lately that electronic goods and automobile parts, engineering goods, machinery, and allied activities have begun in the national capital. After independence, slowly and gradually several of such modern industries started to set up continuously. The city now has several of such above mentioned goods and industrial centers which caters to national and international needs. For instance, the new industrial policies have also been giving tremendous importance to modern and hi-tech industries in the city. They have been promoting them with several ease in business policies along with funding. This has been attracting investors from India and abroad to come up with an advanced industrial base.

However, despite all these, Delhi is still known to be renowned for its handicrafts, handmade products and artistic works such as sculptures, ivory workings, paintings, jewelry, gold embroidery, metalwork, and so on. It is good that despite massive wave and push from national and international levels to modernize and make profitable industries, these kind of ancient industries are still flourishing with the local traders and establishments around the city.

Delhi hence is an excellent blend of ancient and modern in several ways. With several opportunities and variety of courses and colleges all around the city, it has been forefront in providing quality education to all. Further, despite modern concepts and push to bring in sophisticated industries, the city still maintains its charms through flourishing the evergreen ancient handmade industries.