Food Festivals in Delhi

Famous food festivals in Delhi

Did you ever notice that most of the foodies are from Delhi? Yes, no wonder because the land of Delhi is full of tasty dishes and places to visit to enjoy their delicacies. One can also call Delhi as the food capital of India as there are several dishes of a wide variety to taste from in every nook and corner of the huge city. This article will give you hints of a few of the famous food festivals one can look out for in the national capital city. There are an array of food festivals, especially in the winter season where there are exciting food festivals all around the place. These festivals range from several varieties providing cheap yet best Indian food available all around the corner.

Here is a list of top food festivals in Delhi.

The national street food festival

Street food is the common love for several of us, the spicy chat for sure lures us all around the corners of the street. From desi chat to other spicy dishes, they are what we all need in life. The national street food festival is being held for those who love street foods in one spot where you would find food vendors from all over the country. The event is held and organized by the National Association of Street Vendors of India and serves delicious snacks and dishes along with great musical performances. This festival is generally held around mid of December in Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts or in the stadium.

Delhi Kebab festival

Delhi is well known for its famous kebabs as street food in several places. No wonder there is a separate kebab festival which takes place in November every year. This festival is hosted by DLF Promenade and LBB Delhi. One can find a variety of kebabs ranging from seekh kebabs, Shammi, Dora, galouti and so on. If you are a kebab and meat fan, this definitely is for you. The festival is generally held in DLF Promenade in Vasant Kunj.

Asian Hawkers Market

This market is one of its kind in Delhi to feature food varieties in Asia from sushi to momos in one roof. They bring together authentic delicacies with musical evening and celebrations. One can eat, party and dance the night off here. This is generally held around October month.

Dessertarian Fest

There is always space for deserts in the tummy. No wonder why, because they go into the heart, not stomach! While some people have dessert after a meal, some believe deserts are the meal. This is for them. This event is filled with sugar with waffles, ice creams, chocolate tacos, chocolate gol gappas, what not. Name it and you would find here, from desi to modern twist, all sugar fillings are here. This festival is held around the end of November every year in Select City Walk mall in Saket.

Delhi food truck festival

Food trucks have been a new trend in the capital cities. Name a busy point and you would find the food trucks around. These have become a hotspot for snacks and related items. Most of the food trucks in Delhi are located near Noida expressways and Gurgaon which takes the extra mile to reach there. But worry not, there is a giant food truck festival happening around the city which serves all the cuisines every year. This is generally held in the month of December in JLN Stadium.

Great Indian Food Festival

There is nothing like the Great Indian Food Festival held every year around November month. it is a rare event where iconic delicacies from street food celebrate different flavors in the Indian subcontinent. One can find dishes from different states featuring here. Do not miss on this to try out spicy Indian cuisine.

Grub Fest

The grub fest is generally held in October in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium for those who love food. It is found by a young generation of entrepreneurs which features various entries from established spots such as wow momos, fork n spoon, and others.

Horn OK Please

This is usually a three day festival in the town which is famous for the variety of dishes in momos, kababs, and related snacks. You cannot take a u-turn without tasting the delicious desserts available around in this event. This event is generally held in JLN stadium around November time.


Foodistan, also called as 10 heads festival is a spot for cultural delicacies and head-turning foods. It includes portraying culture, music, and fashion in Delhi. It is a part of the whole event focusing on Delhi culture. This is generally held around October in Nehru park area.

Given is the list of various food festivals generally held in the national capital that foodies cannot afford to miss. No wonder, with these numerous food events happening around the city in winters, one can call the national capital as food capital too!