Bikaner Camel Festival of Bikaner

The Amazing Festivals of Bikaner

Bikaner Camel Festival of Bikaner

The Amazing Festivals of Bikaner

Camel Festival of Bikaner

Camel Festival is organized every year in the month of January by the Rajasthan Tourism Department. Hundreds of tourists and thousands of local dignitaries revel this festival. Festival showcases the culture of Rajasthan in its full glory. Brightly adorned camels and their riders takes part in several competitions. This festival is an absolute treat to eyes.

The camels display amazing footwork, dancing gracefully to the direction of their owners. You can enjoy the unusual stunts like camel races, camel dances and neck shaking camel rides. To display an array of traditional & folk heritage, Camel Festival also presents folk music and dance shows which are performed by renowned artists of Rajasthan.

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Gangaur Festival of Bikaner

Celebrated in the month of April, the festival of Gangaur is organized to celebrate the divine bliss of Goddess Parvati. Gangaur festival is widely acclaimed and celebrated throughout Rajasthan. Gangaur is the celebration of spring, harvest and marital fidelity. Gana is a synonym for Lord Shiva and Gaur which stands for Gauri or Parvati who symbolizes Saubhagya (marital bliss).

The women of the city play a special role in the festival. The Gangaur festival is followed by the people of Bikaner by taking out a colourful procession. Special Savari (procession) takes place from Junagarh Fort to nearby well. Apart from devotees, thousands of spectators are seen enjoying the spirit of Gangaur festival in Bikaner.

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Kite Festival of Bikaner

Bikaner Kite festival is celebrated in the month of May, on the occasion of Aakhaa Teej. Kite Festival has been one of the most popular events of Bikaner. Aakha Teej which is also known is Akshay Tritya in other parts of the country, also marks the foundation day of Bikaner city.

The colourful kites hovering over the whole of Bikaner brighten up the Sky. Several kite flying competitions are also organized by various kite clubs. Maharaja Ganga Singh Monument and all other historical buildings are beautifully lit for City’s anniversary. After a tiring kite flying day, definitely go for a drive at night to watch the mesmerizing lighting of Bikaner.

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Holi Festival

Colourful people of Bikaner play Holi much the same way as Mathura. Holi is celebrated with a unique tradition, Phagania (from the month of Phagun i.e., March) football or Holi football. People come in fancy dress to play football. Also popular is the con artists who dress up & perform at the popular city junctures on the folklores. Many tourists visit Bikaner at this time to get drenched in the colours of Holi and other festivities.

On the day of Holi, people smear each other with different colours. They play with both dry (powder) colours and water. It is celebrated in the month of March according to the Hindu calendar.

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On the Holi eve, People gather and light huge Holika pyre and celebrate with song and dance at every street corner till late night. People of Bikaner love to celebrate every occasion with passion. This pyre is also considered a place of worship as it is believed that it marks the end of negativity and brings our vibrant colourful days, the beginning of which is marked with the colourful festival on the very next morning. Especially camel festival is a great attraction among tourists as they love riding on the highly decorated camels.

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