Festivals of kerala

Festivals of Kerala

Kerala, also known famously as ‘God’s own country” is surrounded by serene and beautiful beaches, coastal lines, lush green hills and the Western Ghats along with glorious plantations across the state. All the districts in the state are well known in the tourism sector, given the peaceful environment the state provides. Besides, the state is also well known for its traditions and rich cultural heritage. They still carry forward to date from generations across. The festivals of Kerala are celebrated in a similar rich and grand manner, which resonates with the way they give importance to culture and traditions.

Hence let us know more about the rich heritage, belief and value system among the locals of Kerala through their festivals in this article.

Festivals of Kerala:

Kerala, known as heaven on earth is one of the best and well-known places to celebrate culture and traditions. They have strong beliefs and value systems, and every festival is exceedingly significant in their day to day life. They splurge on festivals greatly.

They are well celebrated with pomp, fun, excitement and grandeur. The state is also well known for religious tolerance, and hence it can be shown greatly in the form of festivals where people celebrate with peace and harmony. There are also festivals present where every religion celebrates with grace and unity. Hence what not, there s beauty
here and rich cultural customs as well. Let u get ahead and see more of Festivals of Kerala here.


Who does not know this festival or did not hear about this? This is well known as significant festival and state festival of Kerala. One must surely catch hold of witnessing this festival in case of visiting the state around mid of the year. All religions celebrate this festival in harmony and unity together. They have their own customs and traditions. The whole week is fun filled and packed with excitement and games along with customs and traditions. This festival was celebrated on the belief that King Mahabali was allowed to return to this kingdom only once from exile to check on his subjects and that is why this festival is celebrated.

This festival is celebrated even for ten days with grandeur with merry, songs and dances along with trades and fairs. Delicious dishes and decorations are done all around the state. Boat races also take place. Mostly this takes place around September of every year all across the state of Kerala.

Thrissur Pooram festival

This Thrissur Pooram festival generally takes place in the months of March of April every year. Elephant procession happens around the state after they are well decorated with ornaments all around. This takes place in the town of Thrissur in Kerala where one can witness this grand and magnificent scenario.

This sight is worth noticing. This celebration had begun from the times of Raja Rama Varma king to and worship Lord Shiva and unify all deities in the Thrissur. This is celebrated with huge pomp and fun times as well.

Kerala village festival

The next in festivals of Kerala is this Kerala Village festival which takes place in January. It takes place at the famous Kovalam beach. This beachside affair is a well-known platform to celebrate local talent and customs. As mentioned, Kerala has excellent regard to the customs and belief systems greatly, and this separate festival is devoted to celebrate the village and traditional life and also showcase handicrafts, arts, and architectures which depict the everyday cultural heritage in the state. All tourists and crowds gather near the beach to celebrate this ten-day event every year.
The idea behind this festival is not letting the old age festivals and customs die out, and hence it was the idea to recreate the style every year and celebrate it with grandeur.


Next comes Thiruvathira which takes place in December month. All women in the state celebrate this festival with grandeur where they relate it to the birth of Lord Shiva. Worships and offerings are made in masses to Lord, and it is fun-filled as well. Thiruvathirkkali, a dance form is primarily dedicated to this festival of Kerala which is also an integral part of it. Women get ready in a grand way and celebrate with special dances. This takes place with majority of communities in Kerala in different ways.

Makaravillakku festival

Celebrated around January, the Makaravillakku festival is taken place around Sabarimala to celebrate and worship Lord Ayyappa. A large number of devotees flock from all around the country to worship the Lord Ayyappa at this point of time. Everyone around southern states wishes to participate here by witnessing auspicious events, prayers, and offerings. It is believed that the Lord will bless all thedevotees with his tapas every year around this point of time. Grand prayers and offerings take place around this time.

Very next occasion is Aluva Sivarathri festival celebrated on the banks of Periyar River. It is greatly believed that Lord Shiva once had consumed a full barrel of poison in order to save and protect the world from destruction from the evil forces. Hence people celebrate this day with crowd flocking near the river banks. They stay up all night and read holy books, and make merry.

Further, there are also festivals like Vishu (commemorating the Kerala’s New Year held around month of April), Navaratri (or Dussehra) and Pongal (Lohri or Bihu) which are celebrated with grandeur as well.

These festivals clearly show and mark peace and harmony all around the state. These festivals take place well without forgetting age-old customs and belief system. From children to adults to old people, everyone celebrates together, sing and dance in all the festivals. Traditional dishes and delicacies are prepared during these events like sadhya to add flavor at these times. So, if you wish to experience the true flavors and colors of this state in south India, then you must be a real-time viewer of their lavish festivals. Attend any one of these grand events, and we bet, you won’t be disappointed!