Sun Temple

Jaipur Getaway from Delhi – Finding the Spiritual Solace

Sun Temple

Jaipur Getaway from Delhi – Finding the Spiritual Solace

Though I might not be a very spiritual person but whenever I visit a holy place there is this calm and peace which I feel within myself maybe it the aura of the place or positive energy which exist at these places and the same I felt at all the spiritual sites I visited in Jaipur.

There is a number of spiritual places which exist in Jaipur probably you can find few right in between the road when you’re travelling within the cities but out of them there are few where people come from far lands to visit to take the blessing of god. I started my journey by visiting the Sun Temple also known as the Monkey Temple which is on the hilltop on the Jaipur-Delhi By-pass road.

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1. The Sun Temple

The Sun Temple Jaipur is a small Hindu temple that lies high above Jaipur and provides wonderful panoramic views over the city. The Sun Temple Jaipur is positioned on a rocky outcrop on the edge of the Aravalli Hills and is part of the larger Galta ji temple complex, which is 2km further to the east in a shallow valley. It is one of the lesser known places with a cool and calm atmosphere as you walk up the hill there are lots of friendly monkeys who really enjoy having peanuts so probably get some before you start your trek up the hill if you want to have some fun with them. The best time to visit here is during the sunset when you can see the whole Jaipur city looks beautiful and baited in golden.

If you’re really looking for pollution, hassle and noise free environment this place is recommended to you. The temple has a relaxed atmosphere and one of the only tourist sites in Jaipur where there are not much of tourist peddlers. The sun temple was established in the 18th century and funded by a courtier of Sawai Jai Singh II.

2. Khole Ke Hanuman Ji Temple

Khole Ke Hanuman Ji Temple is again on the Jaipur-Delhi by pass road about a few kilometres ahead of Galtiji temple on the same road The lord Hanuman disciple of Lord Rama, a Hindu deity, a symbol of physical strength, perseverance and devotion. The idle is carved on the rock naturally and people say the wishes come true whoever visits this temple. In and around the lord idle whole structure has been built of the temple and the surrounds have been made such that different religious activities can take place around there. It has idles of various other gods and kitchens where food is prepared. The whole complex is built such that the view around is beautiful with all the devotees around the place and small shops where you can buy offerings for god and probably help yourself as well. The temple is entitled as famous and one of the ancient temples of Rajasthan.

The story behind the legends, the belief about the temple, and the spiritual light towards the figure makes the temple a perfect brew filled with mythological importance and explored history. This temple is not only entitled as the heart of the city but also the heart and soul of the Indian beliefs and customs.

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3. The Garh Ganesh Temple

Garh Ganesh Temple is one of the very famous temples but apart from the devotees of the temple very few people know about the beauty of the route which connects it. It is located on the hilltop near the Cenotaphs of Gaitore. It was built around 1300AD and is one of the temples where Lord Ganesh is shown as a boy with a human head rather than a statue with an elephant head.

The route to this temple is from the cenotaphs and about 365 steps up the hill, there is a parallel view which goes along with it which is quite steep but at least with relatively lesser steps. The climb up the hill is tiring as the height of each step is probably twice a normal step but as you climb up the hill the view behind keeps getting better which kind of keeps you motivated to continue further. An early morning climb is recommended to this temple with sunrise on your way up. Avoid this in summers could be really tiring.

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4. Prayer Ground (Eidgah)

It might be just a place where people gather for their evening prayer during eid but there is this interesting thing to note that Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II had such planned this place in such a way that whenever even a single one used to play to the god they used to face towards the whole of Jaipur city. It is like the prayer ground was at the end of the city facing the rest of the city.

5. Choolgiri Jain Temple

Choolgiri Jain Temple one of the prevailing religious cultures is diversified by this Jain temple situated on the Aravalli hills of Jaipur – Agra road. It was built by Jain Acharaya Shri Desh Bhoosan Ji Maharaj in the year 1953 that is when he named the hills as choolgiri. There is a 7 feet high statue of Lord Parshvnath made of white stone apart from that there is a figure of Lord Mahaveer Swami made up of hysteria marble. During the revolution around the statue of the Lord Parshvnath, one can notice the statue of twenty four Tirthankars and four idols of holy feet of Lord Parshvnath.

The rooftop of the Choolgiri Jain temple is embraced by the huge Jain Yantra of four feet embossed on a copper plate of 40 kg. The Jain yantra comprises of the six thousand 5 hundred sixty one columns, vowels, consonants, mantras, Swastik symbols followed by some other holy symbols. This temple is the purity of Jain religion which has outstanding and speechless artwork from the idol, sculptures, figures and statues it is just remarkable and an unforgettable place.

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