Mall road in Shimla

Mall Road in Shimla

Mall Road in Shimla, located at the heart of the city, is a well-known location for hotels, restaurants, quirky cafes, and shopping. It is considered as one point where one can have all kind of entertainment, be it chilling out, or shopping or watching a movie. At the same time, the mall road in Shimla also has several other exciting must see around such as the Scandal point and Kali Bari temple. It is well known to be one of the busiest and commercial areas in Shimla one should not miss out. This is a mini world in itself which celebrates the life and spirit of Shimla.

The stores located over here are well known for woolen clothes, handicraft items, jewelry, and furniture. Do not miss out on checking out the shopping area for antiques, wooden items, and accessories. College kids come to chill out in cafes as well which serve yummy delicacies. One must note not to take vehicles on to this street especially in evenings to this place as people come here to have a stroll around, and vehicles are not allowed. The environment and surroundings of this place are quite pristine and peaceful.

Let us see in detail more about mall road in Shimla any traveler must visit to lose himself for a couple of hours during the visit.

Best time to visit

One can visit this place all the times around the year. However, the best time to visit remains from March to June where the weather is quite pleasant here. These months are well known for outdoor activities around the town. In particular, visiting the mall road in Shimla is advisable to be done in evenings given the calm breeze, and relaxing effect one gets here. Do not miss out to carry a light sweater and shawl as it may get chilly at times.

How to reach

The Mall Road in Shimla is central location around the town and hence very easily accessible from all parts of the city. In case you are staying around the central Shimla, you can simply walk and reach there. However, cabs are available very easily in and around Shimla as well. Busses operate well too in case you can travel on public transport.

What to shop here?

Returning from Mall Road without shopping is incomplete. Every stuff here is incredible, here and one can spot both street shop and branded showrooms along with departmental stores here. The emporium over here offers exotic handicrafts, pottery items, and woolen clothes. Further, Tibetan carpets and Pashmina shawls are also available here which are famous and well-known all across the globe for their bright colors and designs. Do not also forget to check out woolen gloves and socks along with sweaters. They are quite reasonable, and you can easily find trendiest of winter clothes here.

One can find several souvenir shops here with a plethora of local handmade items. The mirror work clothes with beads and sequins are also available. They are quite reasonable and easily can be purchased with a bargain too.


There are several cafes and restaurants around the Mall road in Shimla. They serve local and delicious food including lip smacking momos and other items. The must-try cafes include Honey Hut, Café Sol and Devicos for their scrumptious taste, and variety of cuisines.

What else to visit near Mall road?

Scandal Point of Mall Road in Shimla

Do not worry, in case you are finished visiting the Mall Road in Shimla, you still have options to take a look in the surroundings. The mall road in Shimla also gives you other options to visit nearby which gives you a chance to dip into the beauty amidst the majestic hills. The options for you are the Scandal point, Gaiety theatre, and Kali Bari temple. The scandal point is right on the west side of the point and is a well-known place. Gaiety theatre shows the heritage and natural beauty of the place where several famous film personalities have performed here previously. The temple of Kali is well known for spirituality and peace and is must visit in case you are looking for some peace and bliss.

Close Scandal point there is the primary Post office and the BSNL office is additionally situated here. There is an HRTC booking counter accessible close to the Scandal point at the Ridgeside. This counter is closed on Sundays and occasions. You can book Volvo and different transport tickets to Delhi from here.

Mall Road- Scandal point

Shimla outrage point From Scandal Point you can stroll towards the Post office and BSNL office to visit Railway board building, further on a similar street you can see Vidhan Sabha working of Himachal Pradesh. Further strolling down you can see a helipad at your right. You can go up to Vice Regal Lodge complex ( Known as the Indian Institute of Advanced investigations) and return. Here is a rundown with separation and area for a stroll from Scandal Point and come back to Scandal Point.

  • Outrage Point to Vice Regal Lodge and come back to Scandal point 6 KM ( entire day )
  • Embarrassment Point to Chaura Maidan by means of Vice Regal Lodge � Scandal Point 6 KM
  • Embarrassment Point � Ridge Jakhoo slopes – Scandal Point 5 KM
  • Embarrassment Point Shimla Club � Raj Bhawn � Scandal Point 6 KM
  • Embarrassment Point St. Bede’s school ( by means of US club ) � Scandal Point 8 KM
  • Embarrassment Point – Glem � Scandal Point 8 KM
  • You can take a wonderful stroll in the first part of the day time in less packed streets of Shimla.
  • Johnnie’s wax historical center
  • This historical center is another fascination of Shimla included May 2016. Situated at notable Willow Banks domain, it is walkable good ways from Mall street.
  • Statues of Obama , Narendra Modi, Harry Potter and a lot more are shown here.
  • Open from 10 AM to 10 PM , passage ticket is Rs 250 for every individual.

Winter in Shimla

During winter there will be a cold breeze as this is the highest point of a slope so go arranged with additional winter security materials in night hours. Take some hot soup or hot espresso at Mall road. For the most part, there will be less visitor in winter seasons in contrasted with summer seasons. On the off chance that you are remaining close to Mall road, at that point morning time, you can experience snowfall here. You will get a great markdown for your lodgings as fewer vacationers visit Shimla in winter seasons.

Arriving at Mall road

Street to Mall Road Shimla

At the congregation end of the Mall road, there is a lift to take you to Mall road from the fundamental street down the slope. This lift is at a separation of 1 KM from the transport prevent and 1.5 KM from the railroad station. This lift is worked by the Himachal Tourism Development enterprise. This lift has two sections and for both a typical ticket of Rs 8/ – ( one way ) is to be acquired. Subsequent to leaving the principal lift, you have to stroll on a straight wooden floor to arrive at the subsequent lift. This lift works from 8.00 AM to 9 P.M and in visitor seasons it works up to 10 P.M. In the wake of going up by the lift, you have to move up a little to arrive at the Church end of the Mall Road. From the Bus stop, the travel industry office works taxicabs to take you up to the Mall Roads. Charges are Rs 10 for every individual.

Hope you enjoyed reading about what to do in the mall road in Shimla. This majestic point is among most visited locations in the city and is well known as go to point for everything one needs. Enjoy the shopping, tasting local cuisines and delicacies along with the long walk amidst the chilly and cold breeze in the evenings. This place with the charisma and rustic nature is undoubtedly going to amaze everyone.