You might have seen a hundred posts on your timeline for the little summer expeditions of the youth. Yes, there’s a reason why people want to go to this beautiful place. Filled with the hustle bustle of Cafés, monasteries, Tibetan shops and momos, this place has almost everything a young group of 6 friends would want.

A bus is probably the best option when the hills beckon your name. We left Delhi on a hot summer day at 8 in the morning and reached our destination at around 9 in the night. We left for a beautiful ride to Billing for our first parading expedition. After a wait of more than 2 hours, we finally had our chance. It is the second highest spot in the world for paragliding and the highest in Asia. People from all across the globe come here to learn paragliding and to grab this experience of a lifetime.  We were a little scared at first, but as soon as the pilot took off and we could see the world in front of our eyes, it was a feeling like never before. I had little butterflies jumping in my stomach. I had never seen nature at this level of beauty. I felt like an eagle who spread its wings to the world.

We all had very well realised that the wait for this sport was worth it. It cost around Rs. 1800 per person and an additional Rs. 500 for a video.

Days like these are always beautiful. For most of us, it was our first trip with friends. It took a lot for us to make it to this destination and from up above we knew all these efforts had paid off well.

Mc Leodganj is filled with cafés like Shiva Café, Café Illiterati, Tibetan Kitchen etc. There is this beautiful rooftop café we stopped by, for our dinner that day, ‘Khana Nirvana’. It had a menu of more than three cuisines, offered with a beautifully lit terrace and a view of the beautiful mountains.

Triund Trek was our next tick in the bucket list. We left early morning for the best experience of our three hour trek through the mighty Himalayas. Through the breath taking views and a long walk, we finally reached Triund. Everything is triple priced up there. Most of the people had put up their camps. It had the entire view of the city. And just as the clouds cleared out, you could see the huge snow peaked mountains call for you. Another 25 mins away was a little beautiful waterfall, with the freshest glacier water. If we were a little more willing, we could’ve visited Laaka, a snow covered trail another two hours from Triund. We reached our McLeodganj in the evening and went to one of the best cafés, Nick’s Café.

The next day we had a little walk through the local villages and the river, shopped for some souvenirs and then left for Delhi.

Words aren’t able to sum up my expressions and feelings for the weekend we spent in the beautiful city. It is one of the best places to visit, for an adventure packed holiday.

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