Must Haves for a Month-Long trip in India

Must Haves for a Month-Long trip in India

India is globally known as the land of diversified culture, landmarks, picturesque spots and distinctive traditions. It has a rather vast terrain, with the beautiful and elephantine Himalayan peaks stretching to the peacefully breathtaking coastline of the Indian Ocean. If you’re a traveler, seeking adventure & exploring anew; India is your place to be!

However, prior travelling to India for a handful of 20 days or even a month; you should significantly be aware of a list of must-haves you strictly require to make the most of this trip! Here are some pointers that might help you-

An alleged Travel insurance

Travel insurance secures an individualistic traveler and covers all requirements. The sole purpose of possessing this when you’re in India is that you ought to expect the unexpected. In other words, it gives you the assurance and peace of mind when on the go if just in case you encounter robbery or an emergency of any kind.

A Concealed Passport Pouch

It is very important that you use an easy-to-carry pouch for storing your passport, visa & other important documents when on the go. You can also keep your finances in this pouch in order to commence convenience. This is because India is a very populated country and so poverty is widespread. There have been instances where beggars, whilst pleading and begging, put their hands in the person’s pockets’ or persuade by hand gestures and so, the safe thing to do would be to carry all the cash in a pouch that you can hold or keep in your travel bag rather than a wallet that you tend to keep in your pocket.

Mosquito Wristbands & Creams

Diseases like Malaria are known to have embarked an impression on India and emergency medication in an absolute foreign country can be chaotic. Hence, prevention is always better than cure. Various mosquito repellent bracelets and creams can serve you the purpose of protection from such infections while also make it a point that you wear long pants and stay covered when out at crowded markets and other public places, mostly whilst dawn and dusk. This would work as a rather natural protective guard from mosquitoes.

Make a Proper Travel Backpack

Your ideal travel backpack should possess three basic qualities: quality, comfort & size. It should offer restoring and lightening back support & be strong enough to carry your to-carry-list items.

Power Adapters & Battery Backups

While you’re on your travel, least would you want to encounter a dead electronic when in need of clicking pictures, recording videos or even contacting people. To stay safe at all ends, make it a point to carry specifically available Indian power adapters and regular power back battery backups. Don’t forget to carry the wires of your respective electronics as well!

Devices & Sanitary Facilities

Due to over-population and lacking of hygiene facilities, India is significantly a place with rather limited toilets. In such a situation, it is advisory, specifically for women to carry Female Urination Devices that enables women to urinate whilst standing as in order to avoid any direct contact with the pot and prevent infections.

Medicines & Probiotics

It is always essential to keep a tab of certain medicines when you’re travelling to distant places. Don’t forget to carry the medicines you consume on a daily basis and make sure you prepare prescriptions along with them.

Also, carry probiotic supplements as they help boost and elevate the levels of good bacteria in your stomach. These helps advance digestive capabilities and elevate natural immunity.

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