Things you must not Miss when you explore the Golden Triangle in India

Things you must not Miss when you explore the Golden Triangle in India

Golden Triangle encompasses of the three most popular tourist spots of India: Delhi, Jaipur & Agra. Geographically so, these cities form a triangle on the map of India and hence, significantly has it been termed as the Golden Triangle. The ideology behind this theme is to take you to the basic roots of Indian History and give you a journey to cherish all your life.

These places have been highlighted also due to the easy accessibility and well-connectivity through the railway system. Even by road, travelling to each of these places offers you a travelling-on-road experience you won’t want to miss!

Let us find out a little more about these three cities;


Delhi is formerly known as the capital of India. Needless being said, when you’re in Delhi, YOU’RE IN DELHI. Delhi is divided into two broad sections: New Delhi & Old Delhi. Both of these places offer you an extreme transition of everything you would want on your travel mode and much more. New Delhi is known for its leisure hotels, luxury malls, shopping complexes, posh clubbing, eateries, libraries, street markets etc. offering you of a plethora of activities you can do! The markets and shopping complexes have clothes, accessories, shoes and bags ranging in prices that are highly feasible. The delicacies and umpteen varieties of cuisines from all over the world can be found in the plates of the Capital, awakening the foodie in you. On the other hand, if you will to relive the golden era of history of this city, make it a point to take a trip to the Old Delhi. This part of Delhi offers you with the finest and the most remarkable artifacts, crafts & a tour through the Mughal years. The city’s ancient monuments, mosques & forts are all established in this part of the city.

Places to Visit:

Red Fort – renown as the Lal Qila – was established by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, sprawlingly constructed with red sandstone, consisting of two massive gates. It is located in Old Delhi.

Jama Masjid, situated near the Red Fort, is titled the biggest mosque of India – which makes it definitely worth exploring.

Also, market places like Chandni Chowk is worth a visit considering the elephantine variety of clothes, jewellery and so much more – available for such cheap prices!

Also, if you are headed to the very famous India Gate, you will cross the Rashtrapati Bhawan – the President’s House, which is simply fascinating whilst the drive. These are some prominent tourist spots midst the capital!


The desert capital of India, radically known as the Pink City, is a home to numerous tourists throughout the year due to its striking remnants symbolizing a bygone era and the rich diversity of cultures and traditions followed. Again – like a rather enhanced and extended version of Old Delhi – a profuse number of monuments, forts & palaces have been established, built & vested in the city. It is significantly known for its Hawa Mahal – the Palace of Winds. Jaipur is also the hub to explore of true royalty – Mughal Palaces, royal residences, etc. – and encountering a sovereign experience offered by various luxurious palace-hotels amidst the city. Jaipur also offers an exciting shopping experience varying from handmade goods to fancy items depicting the nawaabi-Rajasthani culture at its best!

Places to Visit:

Jaipur comprises of rather significant forts and palace like the Buland Darwaza – Largest Gateway in the World, the ancient Jodha Bai Palace, Panch Mahal, Birbal Bhavan etc.

It is also a hub to the huge Jama Masjid, a place to seek pure spirituality.


Last, but absolutely not the least – Agra – is a home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World; the Taj Mahal. It is one of the most beautiful cities in India, for its sprawling monuments & forts, inclusive of the Taj; and its luxurious hotels & properties that offer you a stay with their heartiest welcomes. The architecture of this city is worth exploring – each and every corner avers of grandiose royalty. If you plan to visit Agra via Delhi, the journey is bound to take for about 3 hours by roadway & rail.

Places to Visit:

Apart from the breathtaking Taj Mahal, the city is known for the Agra Fort that upholds its legacy. Also, don’t forget to plan a visit to the Itmad-Ud-Daula’s tomb. It symbolizes of the culture that has been followed in the city through the years.

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