Why Travel is a detox-mechanism for Women

Travel doesn’t become adventure until you leave yourself behind

Marty Rubin

Ever had one of those days when nothing makes absolute sense? Like when all you can ever think of is closing yourself into a box or disconnecting from the world out there? After devoting your entire life into building a home, nurturing your family and working your sanity off at the office, don’t you deserve a break? Much like they show in movies, escaping from the reality can be pretty healthy and important sometimes.

Travelling is an eccentric activity for you to truly attain serenity. It not only lets you explore the world outside the four walls of your house but also gives you the time to introspect and reform perceptions with a clean slate. Travelling is said to nourish your mind & soul like you cannot imagine unless witnessed. It replaces stress to sheer thrill and diverts your mind from anxiety altogether.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

~ Marcel Proust

Travelling and Detoxification

  • Helps you Keep Your Cool

Travelling is known to lighten your mood. Admit it; there is nothing more relaxing than sitting on the beach under the scorching heat of the sun or feeling the winds from high above at a mountain or hill. You tend to feel refreshed and gather the patience to face the problem you evidently ran from. It also helps you accept all the possible alternatives with your best calm.

  • Reduction of Stress

Pretty much mentioned over and over for the mere fact that it holds a lot of significance – travelling really does reduce stress. Call it an escape mechanism, but travelling ensures that the triggered feeling of anxiousness and feeling beat can be cured only by making yourself believe that it’s not the end yet. It is important to understand that every problem ever can be dealt with in a peaceful state of mind than a stressed one.

  • Keeps you Fit Physically

When they say that a change of air is required every once in a while, must you believe they mean it! Travelling keeps you on your feel and physically energetic in a way you wouldn’t encounter if you keep following your monotonous routine. The amount of exertion our body faces as we are on the go cannot be measured or compensated for otherwise. This is because such an exercise is taking place with no intention to specifically work on your weight but truly enjoy.

  • Emotional Disconnection

While you travel, it is essential that you throw off your usual FOMO and cut yourself out of all social media applications, even phone for that matter; and TAKE A BREAK FOR REAL! It is important to flush away negative emotions like anger, jealousy, callousness, over-thinking, assuming and further on. This helps exhilarate and rejuvenate your thoughts.

  • You Grow

When you visit a new country, new state or even a new region; you tend to meet new people. You get to know of new cultures and learn to habitat amidst new traditions for a couple of days. A journey is bounden to educate you with the knowledge you can never receive from text and otherwise. This is because it will happen so due to an experience you encounter. This shapes your intellect and sense of being such that it changes the way you look at things.

Henceforth, the resuscitation received on through via travelling cannot be compared to any detoxification-technique as it strengthens and reinforces your mental, physical as well as spiritual health efficiently, moreover, simultaneously.

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