What Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerberg Loved the Most about India!

What Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerberg Loved the Most about India!

“If you lead me astray, then my wanderings will bring me to my destination.” 
Michael Bassey Johnson

Travel is helping people find solace in the ever rushing times of this most socially connected world. The times when a human brain can occupy itself with n number of things, well thanks to the smart gadgets. We are too connected to them and disconnected from ourselves & sometimes life too.

The very notion behind the inception of Spirit Bohemian was and still remains is to inspire people to travel & explore the unknown. Our team believes in being unaware at times, just like a true bohemian who is carefree & free-thinker.

In today’s time, travelling with the purpose of attaining new perspectives towards life and a sense of spirituality is trending for the right reasons. To think, true and honest understanding of self can never be acquired within four walls. Because the walls are too connected and like most of the present day doctor’s advice, we all need ‘digital detox’ to relax every once in a while.

India is always a preferred travel destination for the west worlds for the mystic, the magic and the undying spirit of faith. Some of the best business leaders, musicians and global icons have been swearing in for the magic that they experienced and took back home to realize the mystic in their respective careers.

One such popular story is that of Steve Jobs who later on recommended Mark Zuckerberg to visit India and a particular ashram (spiritual home). A lot of our Spiritual travelers who choose India as a destination for spiritual solace, ask us about the spiritual connect that these new age business icons found in India. Let us explore further,

Amidst the hills of Northern India lies the Kainchi Dham ashram – a secluded temple well-known for its spiritual significance in our country. Inaugurated in June 1964, it is situated in the Kumoan Hills of Uttarakand, for about 38kms away from Nainital. The ashram offers a place to stay for those paying a visit, in deep search of spiritual alleviation and furthermore.

On his last visit, Mark Zuckerberg spoke out about his first visit to the Kainchi Dham Temples, as suggested by Steve Jobs. Mark Zuckerberg is formerly known as an Internet entrepreneur and a computer programmer. He is the co-founder of Facebook, an application used massively worldwide.

Mark, on his first visit said that he was fascinated by the other world liness of this place. The spiritual founder of this temple – Neem Karoli Baba – initially came to the hills from a neighboring state and persistently lived in a cave for a period of time.

Baba – as the followers address him – sat upon an elevated cot and meditated. He also narrated spiritual thoughts and kind words to his followers as in order to guide them towards the light. His philosophies and teachings prominently highlighted the importance of unity and equality, i.e. “All are one”.

When Jobs visited this temple for the first time, he already had a budding interest in the concept of Eastern Spirituality and was recommended of paying a visit to this ashram by an acquaintance himself. Jobs stayed in India for about 7 months – practicing and embracing Zen Buddhism and meditation from that time on for the rest of his life!

Mark Zuckerberg came to India in 2008, during the phase when his company was heading a downfall and needed stability. His only mission was to reconnect with self and awaken his zeal to put out his best through the tough patch. One of the primary reasons of Zuckerberg’s interest in India was the fact that it was back then a home to about 130 million Facebook users, a number increasing by the minute today!

The Ashram encompasses of three significant temples, living quarters and offices. The temple follows an organized structure followed upon which prayers are offered. The timings slightly differ in accordance to the prevailing season. The followers and each individual within the temple’s premises are provided with traditional communal meals of potato, rice & lentils. During winters, due to snow and harsh weather conditions in the thick of the Himalayas make it less advisable for people to pay a visit.

For staying inside the Ashram, you are bound to follow certain formalities like an efficient letter of Introduction addressed to the manager of this temple, requesting a permit to stay; followed by a prior arrangement. The letter is then reviewed upon, chartering the allowance to stay for a maximum of three days. You mustn’t hesitate in seeking professional guidance for an exact and detailed format the above procedures if you wish to stay at the Ashram.

It is said that the temple blesses the individual who comes seeking unearthliness and spiritual support. The place is said to hold and spread a pure aura. The beating of cymbals, the recitals of prayers and the spark of hope in the eyes of each and every person present in the temple spreads positivity and sense of enlightenment for the soul.

The ashram wasn’t a well-known place until the new age technology entrepreneurs got enlightenment and also shared it whole-heartedly with the world. Our travelogue features a lot more places that our new age entrepreneurs & corporate goers advocate for finding the breather with a new kind of quench for life. Other celebrities & global icons like Oprah, Julia Roberts & the legendary Beatles have been talking about their Spiritual tours to India and how it helped them in life.

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