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Last Minute Getaways From Mumbai

Mumbai’s life runs on fast tracks – fast locals, fast highway lanes, fast food. People living here sometimes get exhausted while keeping up with the pace. The five-day week pass by in a blur of rushed mornings, tough deadlines, hurried meetings, squeezed-in workouts and cheat meals. Which means while [...]

Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur.

Top 10 Destinations For Royal Weddings in India

India is a land of an enigma, narrating a history of rich and grand heritage. The country has, seen so many dynasties, who have left behind traces of their royalty with multiple forts, palaces, and temples. Now, if you wish to bring in a vibe of ancient regality to [...]

Best Rated 5 Star Hotels To Experience India

Each one of us has a dream of spending a couple of nights in some of the finest luxury hotels in India. Now, what can be a better option than making your reservations in a striking 5-star hotel? It is also a perfect way to spend a couple of [...]

Youth Hostels

Youth Hostels in the cities representing Historic India

Youth Hostels – Affordable, Convenient and Friendly Youth hostels are modern affordable accommodations that offer a more convenient mode of stay. Contemporary and upbeat, they offer all amenities minus luxury. Youth hostels give options like shared dorms — as per the specifications and budgets. Most youth hostels come with common [...]