Youth Hostels

Youth Hostels in the cities representing Historic India

Youth Hostels

Youth Hostels in the cities representing Historic India

Youth Hostels – Affordable, Convenient and Friendly

Youth hostels are modern affordable accommodations that offer a more convenient mode of stay. Contemporary and upbeat, they offer all amenities minus luxury. Youth hostels give options like shared dorms — as per the specifications and budgets. Most youth hostels come with a common kitchen and food area where the guests can have meals and also have the provision for light cooking.

Youth hostels are fast becoming popular among the new age travellers. As they say, the dorm is the new norm. Guests enjoy the company of like-minded strangers and community hangout areas nourish such bonding even among the solo travellers.

Who should opt for staying in a youth hostel?

Youth hostels are a good option for solo travellers, backpackers, college students, or someone who plans on staying in a place for a long duration and visit multiple sites. Youth hostels have progressed to become popular across the globe in the past eight decades. Its genesis can be traced to Germany, where it was conceptualized with the basics of adventure and friendship — to give youngsters with limited means an alternative to fulfil their travel dreams.

Youth hostels for travellers who wish to explore historic India

India has so many options, especially for individuals who wish to have a glimpse of its rich heritage and culture. It is the ideal melting point of historical sites and therefore, an ideal destination for researchers, students, or solo travellers wanting to explore the country’s diversity and archaeological marvels. Hence, it was not long before the culture of youth hostels started gaining ground here as well.

Youth Hostels Association of India

The Youth Hostels Association of India (YHAI) was established to promote travel, tourism, education, and adventure in the nation by offering economic, safe and standard accommodations for young travellers with limited means. Interested volunteers run these hostels, which conduct several adventure trips and educational events. YHAI’s parent group is UK’s Hostelling International, which is the prime driver behind the Youth Hostelling movement on the international platform, with over 4,000 hostels spread across 90 countries. Additionally, YHAI organizes several events such as trekking, camping, cycling, mountaineering, nature study, and sailing — so as to lend travellers a view of India’s diverse flora and fauna.

You can become a member of YHAI in order to participate in all these activities and also avail substantial discounts. By being a member, you can stay in any International Youth Hostel around the world — that too on a budget. Whether you travel with your family, for educational experiences, or as part of a tour group, camping trip, or excursion, this is the best bet to visit the historical as well as adventure sites in India.

Almost every major tourist and cultural destination in India has a YHAI hostel. You can find a safe, clean, and affordable accommodation in cities such as Agra, Delhi, Shimla, Varanasi. Madurai, Leh, Darjeeling, among others. Other licensee hostels are present in states like Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Odisha, Rajasthan, etc. In fact, every state has youth hostels in its primary cities. Here is the complete list.

Other youth hostels in India

Apart from YHAI-registered youth hostels, you can also get other licensed hostels in the major historical destinations, with rents starting from INR300 for a single dorm bed. Here is a list of the best budget youth hostels in India.

  • Zostel (multiple locations)

Zostel hostel

Image courtesy- Google, India’s best Hostel

Zostel is a hostel chain that has been running since 2013 on a franchise model. With almost 30 properties in key locations, it is the perfect option for young travellers. It gives backpackers an immersive opportunity to have the first-hand experience of the local culture. Zostel is one of the best hostels in India. You can find its branches in Agra, Alleppey, Bir, Chennai, Chikmagalur, Coorg, Dalhousie, Delhi, Goa, Gokarna, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Khajuraho, Kochi, Leh, Manali, McLeod Ganj, Mumbai, Ooty, Pushkar, Rishikesh, Spiti, Udaipur, and Varanasi.


  • The Hostel Crowd (Goa)

The hostel

Image courtesy- Google

The Hostel Crowd, aimed toward social transformation, is another chain of youth hostels that are situated in unique spots such as heritage properties and jungles. It was launched in 2013 in Goa and operates many interesting and affordable tours. You get the chance to mingle with the native crowd and relish some of the most sumptuous meals.

  • Moustache Hostel (multiple locations)

Moustache Hostel

Image courtesy- Google

Moustache Hostel, which is noted for its artsy interior decor and focus on India’s cultural heritage, was first founded in Delhi. The hostel then relocated to Jaipur and it aims toward promoting sustainable tourism. Moustache is located in Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Agra, Pushkar, Rishikesh and Varanasi.

  • Vedanta Wake Up! (multiple locations)


Image courtesy- Google

Established in 2011, Vedanta Wake Up! is another chain of budget hotels, which come with dorm accommodations as well as private double rooms. There are community lounges, for sociable travellers to interact with each other. Clean, comfortable, and safe, these hostels have all the basic amenities and are located in Varkala in Kerala, Pondicherry, and Madikeri in Coorg.

  • GoStops Hostels (multiple locations)

GoStops Hostels

Image courtesy- Google

GoStops is a range of boutique youth hostels, whose tagline is & and experiential stays & offers various events such as Bollywood nights, Indian cook-outs, local music events, and bright festival celebrations. It was first founded in 2014 in Varanasi and even has a library, balconies, and verandahs. There are a common kitchen and an Indian street food bar. It is located in Agra, Bir, Dalhousie, Delhi, Jodhpur, Udaipur, and Varanasi.

  • Roadhouse Hostels (multiple locations)

Image courtesy- Google

Roadhouse Hostels were launched in 2014, primarily for catering to the needs of students and young entrepreneurs. It lends an artistic feel and you are welcome to use your creativity to decorate its walls with your paintings. Artists can, in fact, stay for free in exchange for their innovative talents. The hostels are located in Arambol and Anjuna in North Goa, Palolem in south Goa, Jaipur, and Varanasi.

  • Backpacker Panda (multiple locations)

Image courtesy- Google, India’s best hostel for backpackers

Backpacker Panda was launched in 2015 in Pune. With the tagline, “escape the ordinary”, this chain of youth hostels offers clean backpacker accommodations at reasonable prices. You can find its branches in Goa, Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai, Udaipur, Pune, Manali, Delhi, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, Bangalore.

  • Crashpad Hostel (Rajasthan)

 Crashpad Hostel Rajasthan

Image courtesy- Google

A combination of a hostel and a hotel, Crashpad is known for its trendy and contemporary accommodations. Coupled with modern amenities, it promises a comfortable stay. Locations are Jodhpur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, Ghanerao.

Other notable mentions are The Hosteller (Delhi, Kasol, Rishikesh), The Madpackers Hostel (Delhi), Jugaad Hostels (Delhi), Electric Cats (Bangalore), Bunkyard (Udaipur), International Travelers; Hostel (Varanasi), Wanderers Hostel (Goa), Jugaadus Eco Hostel (Amritsar), Bunkstay (Rishikesh), Basti (Mumbai), Horn Okay Please (Mumbai), Artpackers, Life (Alleppey, Kerala), HOTs (Heart of Travellers) Hiking Hostel (Nainital and Almora, Uttarakhand).

So, there you go. You can choose from any of the above best hostels in India if you are planning to explore more of historical India. As you can see, almost all the prime sites have a hostel. Hence, with proper planning, it should not be difficult to embark on an affordable yet comfortable travelling tour!

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