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Shopping In Delhi

Shopping in Delhi

Who does not know that Delhi is a shopping paradise? The areas around old and new Delhi region have shopping spots for every few kilometers. One cannot deny the range of textiles, crafts, paintings, and food available around these shopping sites. The shopping markets in Delhi are often budget-friendly [...]

Education Delhi

Education and Industry in Delhi

Delhi being the national capital in the country is not only famous for several shopping and touristy sites but is well known for the quality of education and space for several local trading industries around the city. The specialty here is that several of these products are locally made, [...]

Delhi State

Art and Culture in Delhi

Delhi State has the history and culture of its own. The identity and diverse culture cannot be defeated due to its unique nature. The city, being the national capital, has seen influences of a diverse range of art and culture from several centuries from different places. Hence it boasts [...]

Historical monuments in Delhi

Delhi is not only the capital of Indian subcontinent but is also filled with various historical monuments spread all across the city. This is because it has been center for several political and economic activities right from Mughals to the British rule era. As many kinds have considered and [...]

Food Festivals in Delhi

Famous food festivals in Delhi

Did you ever notice that most of the foodies are from Delhi? Yes, no wonder because the land of Delhi is full of tasty dishes and places to visit to enjoy their delicacies. One can also call Delhi as the food capital of India as there are several dishes of [...]

Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro

Delhi, being the capital city in India is also one of the busiest, populated and among the top tourist in the country. Given the density of the capital city, public transport and traffic are always congested. It is never on time that an office goer or school/college goer is [...]

Best Italian Food in Delhi

Italy is far far away from you so why not bring the Italian flavor to you? Here are some places for you in Delhi where you can find the exact same dishes like those in Italy Artusi Ristorante e Bar Location: Greater Kailash This place is a lovely Italian fine dining restaurant [...]

Why One Should Visit Delhi?

When you are traveling to India, you have many travel stories around it. Spirit Bohemian is a travel website which features the uncut Indian travel stories.​ The idea is to help the travelers with Indian itineraries and be a holiday organiser for the most popular tours for India. “Delhi is [...]