beaches in goa

Best Beaches in Goa

beaches in goa

Best Beaches in Goa

Goa is a synonym for relaxing, chilling and partying. It is a small but prismatic meld of Indian and Portuguese culture. Goa offers plenteous of stunning and mesmerizing beaches extended along the Arabian sea. If you love sun, sea, sand, seafood and cool salty breeze of the Arabian sea then it’s a perfect getaway for you.

So what you’re waiting for? Just pack your backpack and let’s go on a beautiful journey of the best beaches in Goa.

  • Baga Beach: home for lively

baga beach

Image Courtesy-Pixabay Calangute Beach- Most Visited Beach of Goa

This beach is one of the favorites among tourists and is rated as one of the ‘best beaches in Goa’. Situated near Calangute beach, around 30 km from North of Panaji.
It is considered as the extension of the Calangute beach, both beaches lie on the stretch of the shore. It’s named after the ‘Baga creek’ which flows into the Arabian Sea. Baga Beach is known for Goa’s signature nightlife. Places like Tito’s, Brito’s and Mambos have made their mark on the party-goers. Baga Beach comes alive in the evening with some thumping music and delicious food.

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Baga beach is one of the best beaches in Goa and also one of the visited beaches in the North, Baga is also known for its famous designer stores as well endless street shops which can make your wallet groan. Baga is also known for a variety of water sports.

So what are you waiting for?

Just grab a mouthwatering breakfast and go around, visit the shops and play in shining silver sand of Baga beach. In the evening be a party animal enjoy thumping music and party at one of the best beaches in Goa.

Anjuna Beach: The Bohemian Paradise

Anjuna Beach

                         Image Courtesy-Pixabay Anjuna Beach- Famous Beach in North Goa

It’s the place where you can haunt the hippie vibe of the 60s. If you love rocking music and a free bohemian culture than this is Anjuna beach is the perfect destination for you, famously known as bohemian paradise. This is one of the best beaches in Goa is also among the most famous beach in North Goa.

The visit to Anjuna Beach totally become a breathtaking and blood pumping with bungee jumping, paragliding and windsurfing. This beach is filled up with culinary goods, you can visit Burger Factory, Baba Au Rhums or Basilico, famous as the jewel of Ozran. Dive into the trance music and feel the 60’s hippie vibe at this majestic beach.

Feel the love at Colva Beach


                     Image Courtesy-Pixabay Colva Beach- Famous Beach in South Goa

The alluring Colva beach is situated in South Goa, 6Km away from the city of Margo. If it comes to ‘best beaches in the Goa’ this beach will be my top pick as one of the best beaches in the Goa. This is the most visited beach in South Goa.

Coconut tree runs along the 25Km shoreline of Colva Beach the and silver powdery Sand adds a distinguished charm to this alluring beach. This beach looks more amazing with shacks, nightclubs and souvenir shops all over the beach.

The scenic view of the endless beach and spirited people will make you feel alive and will enrich your soul, a perfect place for peace lovers.
The Colva beach becomes more lively during nights, so don’t miss out on the nightlife of the Colva beach. The golden reflection of setting sun in untarnished water which makes the atmosphere so divine.

Butterfly Beach: The Unexplored Beauty

butterfly beach

                       Image Courtesy-Pixabay Butterfly Beach- Honeymoon Beach in South Goa

This beautiful beach lies in Cancona region of Goa, Famous among the honeymoon couple, is in the form of a small sheltered bay surrounded by thick trees. You can reach this beach via ferry. The other best way to reach this stunning beach is through the boat from nearby Agonda beach.

It is named so because the surrounding forest attracts a wide variety of Butterfly or maybe it’s also because of the shape of the beach. Covered by forest from one side and the open sea on the other side make this beach a whole new world. Grab your picnic basket and a fine bottle of wine and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of this one of the best beaches in Goa.

Picturesque Agonda Beach

Picturesque Agonda Beach

                                                       Image Courtesy-Pixabay Agoda Beach

The shining clear blue water and coconut trees make Agonda beach perfect place for nature’s lovers, away from the hustle and bustle, this beach gives an amazing experience of peace and solitude. This beach is relatively quiet and less crowded, so it is a great place for sunbathing and relaxing.

Agonda Beach is the favorite pick of international tourists and rated as the best beaches in Goa in the international itineraries. The stunning long clean stretch of this wonderful beach is an excellent option for travelers who’re looking for peace and solitude.

The Queen: Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach

                                              Image Courtesy-Pixabay  The Queen: Calangute Beach

I know you were wondering!! how could I forget about the queen of the beaches? The longest beach in North Goa, located 15 Km from the Panjim is one of the crowded and commercial beaches of the Goa. The thumping music with the rhythm of the waves of The Arabian sea hypnotized the crowd and tons of bars give a wide variety of option to the tourists.

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The Calangute beach comes alive during the night and you would definitely go to enjoy the vibe of this one of the best beaches in Goa. Calangute beach is also popular for water sport activities like water surfing, parasailing, and Banana ride and Jet Skiing. Some of the most amazing Nightclubs and pubs you can find at this wonderful beach. You certainly want to make your Goa trip memorable so don’t miss out on this amazing beach.

Arambol Beach

best beach in Goa

                                   Image Courtesy-Pixabay Arambol Beach
Arambol beach also known as Harmbol is one of most visited beaches of Goa, located at 35 Kms from Panji via the NH66. This beach is famous for its sandy and rocky as it is one of the last developed beaches of GOA. It is recommended as one of the cleanest beaches in North Goa and this is why people love to visit here. Arambol became popular in the 1960s when long-haired hippies first arrived in Goa. Many of them settled at Calangute, and a few more North Goa beaches, but others wanted a more serene, more calm and peaceful place. Arambol, with its clean white long stretch of sand, hills, trees, forest, and the lake was a perfect choice.

I hope you have enjoyed this thrilling and upbeat trip of the Goa, will be back with some more amazing trips till then Sayonara!

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