Goa Tour Season

Seaside, A Paradise-Goa

Goa Tour Season

Seaside, A Paradise-Goa

I’ve always been one of those students who enjoy going on short trips and this was one I always wanted to go to – Goa! Students always went to Goa after their board exams and my friends & I got all upset because our parents never really allowed. However, one fine day, one of my friends rushed her way through to tell us about the Goa trip. We all were keen to go but doubtful of our parents’ moods. But to our surprise, the very next day, (with god’s grace) all of us carried the full amount and signed consents by our respective parents with ourselves full of real excitement for the Trip! It was a four day – three nights trip and indeed a worthy.

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We had our flights scheduled to land at the Goa Airport in the afternoon and it took us till evening to get at the resort. The first night was tiresome. We gushed to our room and tucked into the blanket for the night.

The next morning we got ourselves dressed and rushed for breakfast. During breakfast, it came to our notice that we were to go to Calangute Beach & the Shopping around and by the evening we were to make a visit to the Mandir & the Church of Old Goa. It sounded like a heavy day, but we pulled up our socks in excitement. Our trip to Calangute Beach was honestly not as impressive as we thought it would be, but it wasn’t that bad a showdown. Since it was a public beach, the crowd was a little nosey. However, we walked around a bit for an hour as per our itinerary and then headed towards the bus. On the bus, some girls were already exhausted and pleading the teachers so as to cancel or postpone the plan of shopping to the next day or the church & mandirs. The teachers agreed as they felt tired too. So we skipped the shopping plan and headed to the mandir & the church of Old Goa. This church was named as Basilica of Bom Jesus. With beautiful architecture, each glimpse of this church was pleasing to the eye. It had marvelous sculptures & paintings. It was informative and unconditionally told us the story of Christ and explained the culture of Christianity. It was rather a refined experience and an exquisite one. In an hour again, we planned on returning back to the resort. We rested in our rooms for a while and then headed to dine.

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The second day was scheduled as per our visits to Anjuna Beach & the Vagator Beach. These beaches had vendors with a variety of items to shop on and for. From cute handbags to unique & classy stilettos and slippers, Goa had it all within the best prices!  We shopped and shopped and walked to and through the beaches. To our utmost surprise, these beaches were WAYYYY more beautiful than the beach we visited the day before. They had beautiful rocks to which the waves hit and the sun beamed. Out of the three beaches, my personal favorite was the Vagator Beach. Such alluring views and satisfying a spirit. And so we spent away our time whiling here and there at the beach and then headed back to our resort for the night.

Our last day was scheduled for just one beach, which I didn’t like as a beach but mind you, the food shacks and restaurants were the best in Goa. Needless I say – Baga Beach. I wasn’t quite expressive and descriptive about this beach previously because I was saving it for this day. We had our flights timed at night and so the teachers thought we could spend another day at the beach, lunch around and then wind up and leave to the airport by time. The very famous restaurant called “Britto’s”, was one of a kind.

Completely worthy of the hype and hysteria that it has. Brittos comes as an institution in Goa for good food, some people judge you if you don’t pay a visit here while in Goa. But we were actually keen and rather intrigued. So, we also did the same, we went in for exquisite luncheon on another sharp sunny day in October. We had quite a spread ordered. There was a good variety of options for vegetarians but I settled with Alfredo Penne Pasta & Veg Pizza, Stuffed Mushrooms, whole my meat-eater friends hogged the seafood marinated & so full of Goan Spices. The food tasted rather interesting and what added to a fun factor was the good music played. The place was very lively. Filled with good food in our tummies, we talked the noon as the clock struck to a pack-pack time and we got all set to get back home.

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It was an amazing experience and nothing in life could take us back to the time we spent – the nights we would always remember, with our girlfriends and the beautiful weather, sand in our toes and tan on the skin screaming Goa. Short, sweet & perfect!

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