Meenmutty Falls (Kerala)

Top 10 Highest Waterfalls in India

Meenmutty Falls (Kerala)

Top 10 Highest Waterfalls in India

India is a land of varied topography and has one of the most varied terrains in the entire world. Come monsoon and the country starts exhibiting its full scenic beauty — with rivers swarming with life, mountains graced with mighty, gushing waterfalls, and lush, blue lakes. Among all these marvels of nature, one of the wonderful and amazing specimens are our powerful waterfalls — where water flows down at full speed and crashes down into beds of jagged rocks.

In fact, India is home to some of the highest waterfalls in the world. Most of these magnificent water bodies are found in and around the northeast region — such as the Garo, Khasi, and Jaintia Hills. Due to these regions’ diverse topography and unique landscape, climatic conditions, and heavy rainfall, they house the biggest waterfalls in the country. Some of the best examples of such spectacular waterfalls from our country are the Dudhsagar, Seven Sister Falls, and Jog Falls.

Below, we have listed 10 of the highest waterfalls in India.

1. Kunchikal Falls highest waterfall in India (Karnataka)

Top 10 Highest Waterfalls in India

                                                                Image Credits- Pixabay Highest waterfall in India

Located in Shimoga District of Karnataka in the Agumbe rainforests, Kunchikal Falls is the highest waterfall in India and the second biggest waterfall in Asia. Since Agumbe receives a heavy amount of rainfall every year, this is the ideal location for Kunchikal, which has a height of 455 meters. Formed by the Varahi river and gracing the evergreen Western Ghats, the road to Kunchikal gives you options to see several unique species of wildlife — such as the Giant Indian squirrel, Indian bullfrog, and other rare birds, reptiles and wild animals.

2. Barehipani Falls (Odisha)


                                                 Image Credits- Pixabay Barehipani Falls 2nd highest waterfall in India

The Barehipani Falls, with a height of 399 meters, is situated in Simlipal National Park in Mayurbhanj. Surrounding this second highest Indian waterfall is dense, green forests, making it the perfect spot for trekkers and nature enthusiasts. Gracing the Budhabalanga river which flows into the Bay of Bengal, it is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Odisha.

3. Nohkalikai Falls (Meghalaya)

Nohkalikai Falls

                                       Image Credits- Pixabay Barehipani Falls 3rd highest waterfall in India

The third highest waterfall in India, with a height of 340 meters is the Nohkalikai falls, located near Cherrapunji on the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya. The entire landscape is quite famous for its heavy rainfall, suspended bridges, and citrusy oranges. Other notable mentions in Meghalaya are the Nohsngithiang falls and Kynrem falls, which also fall among the highest waterfalls in India.

4. Nohsngithiang Falls (Meghalaya)

Nohsngithiang Falls (Meghalaya)

                                     Image Credits- Pixabay Khasi Falls 4th highest waterfall in India

Nestled amidst the scenic East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, the Nohsngithiang Falls is another one of the largest waterfalls in India. It has a height of 315 meters and is located at a distance of around one kilometer from the Mawsmai village. Also called the Mawsmai Falls, these stunningly spectacular waterfalls are divided into seven parts.

5. Dudhsagar Falls (Goa -Karnataka)

Dudhsagar Waterfall Goa

                                           Image Credits- Pixabay   Dudhsagar Hills 5th highest waterfall in India

The fifth entry on our list is the milky Dudhsagar waterfalls or The Sea of Milk. Showcasing a rare, spectacular trajectory, it is the fifth highest waterfall in India, having a height of 310 meters. Since it falls in the state of Goa, it makes for a popular tourist destination, alongside the state’s many beaches. Moreover, if you visit this falls during the monsoons, you will be awed by its amazing power and strength.

6. Kynrem Falls (Meghalaya)

                                        Image Credits- Pixabay Kynrem Falls 6th highest waterfall in India

Boasting a height of 305 meters, the Kynrem Falls are located in the scenic Thangkharang Park in Meghalaya. It occupies the sixth position among the highest falls in India and is a popular attraction of Cherrapunjee in East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya.

7. Meenmutty Falls (Kerala)

Meenmutty Falls (Kerala)

                                      Image Credits- Pixabay Meenmutty Waterfalls 7th highest fall in India

Meenmutty waterfalls, with a height of 300 meters, is the tallest waterfall in Kerala. Extremely beautiful and located in Kerala’s Wayanad district, it is also one of the most frequented spots in south India. Showcasing a wide variety in flora and fauna, Meenmutty Falls offers wonderful trekking opportunities and is a treat for bird watchers.

8. Thalaiyar Falls (Tamil Nadu)

Thalaiyar Falls (Tamil Nadu)

                                       Image Credits- Pixabay  Thalaiyar Waterfalls 8th highest fall in India

Located in Tamil Nadu and with a height of 297 meters, the Thalaiyar waterfalls are also known as Rat Tail falls. It is situated in the Dindigul of the state. One of the tallest falls in Asia, it is the eighth highest waterfall in India. Sporting a wild terrain and a crisscross of massive, dark caves, it is located in an unexplored region because there are no direct roads to reach there.

9. Barkana Falls (Karnataka)

highest waterfalls in India

                                                Image Credits- Barkana Waterfalls 9th highest fall in India

Having a height of 259 meters, the Barkana Falls is created by the Seetha river in the Agumbe reserve of the Shimoga district of Karnataka. You can see it only during the rainy season. Surrounded by thick forests in the Western Ghats, it is also termed as the Cherrapunji of South India.

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10. Jog Falls (Karnataka)

highest waterfalls in India Joga Fall

                                              Image Credits- Jog 10th highest fall in India

The last entry on our list is the Jog waterfalls, with a height of 253 meters, located in Shimoga, Karnataka. Formed by the Sharavathi river in the Sharavathi valley, this high plunge waterfall is the perfect spot for sightseeing — especially from the viewpoint constructed by the state’s tourism department.

Notable Mentions

Apart from the above 10 waterfalls, here are some notable mentions:

  • The Barkana falls, which is formed by the Sita river is another highest waterfall in
    Karnataka. Khandadhar Falls at Sundagarh district of Odisha is again a spectacular water
    body, which is a horsetail type, plunge waterfall.
  • Vantawng Falls in, Mizoram is located in the Serchhip district of Mizoram, that is
    surrounded by thick, dense forests, that offers a beautiful view of layers of bamboo trees.
  • The Kune Falls of Maharashtra is situated in the Lonavla-Khandala valley in Pune.
  • Soochipara Falls Wayanad, Kerala
  • Magod Falls Uttara Kannada, Karnataka
  • Joranda Falls Mayurbhanj, Odisha
  • Hebbe Falls Kemmangundi, Karnataka
  • Duduma Waterfalls, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh

The states of Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh also are also home to some of the most breathtaking waterfalls in India. A few examples are the Lodh falls, Chachai falls, Teerathgarh falls and Chitrakot Waterfall. So, how many have you visited? You should at least visit one of these falls during your lifetime. Only then you will realize that the picture-perfect images you see on Google or postcards, in fact, exist in reality!

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