Backpacking Guide to India

Backpacking Guide to India

India – the land of diversity, the land of variety, the land of many cultures, many languages. The epitome of the world where a vast population having diverse creeds, customs and colours resides together. This is the India we know. This is the India which is most talked about. The variety in colours, the smells of the by lanes, the spice in the food, the noise, the chaos, the spirituality, the Bollywood – India has it all. But you know besides the diversity in people and their way of living – India presents endless varieties of physical feature. Largest mountains covered in snow, mighty rivers flowing and giving rise to mighty waterfalls, the deserts, the freshwaters, the beaches, the history, the wonders, the people, all together opens the doors for backpackers. 

There is just something about Backpacking in India. Whether you are making your way to the busy alleys, eating fantastic finger-licking curries, trekking in the mountains, or chilling at the backwaters, backpacking India will always be an adventure and offer you the ultimate experience.

But the preparation is key – and here’s our Backpacking Guide to make your journey smooth and extremely special.

Check-out budget options before you check-in

When backpacking India, you’ll find variety of options to stay in – from hotels, to guesthouse and ashrams, hostels to zostels, top boutiques to homestays to dorm beds, India just like its diversity offers diverse accommodation style to suit everyone and every need. And all these options are becoming popular for New Age Travellers – travellers who choose experiences over luxury, mass attraction over personalisation, budget trips over splurging. So much so their need of living memorable moments has shaped one of the biggest shifts in travel trend. Home sharing or ‘homestays’ have fast become a trend for travellers, as it is offers cheap or cost-effective best stay options. Plus the opportunity to explore the deep-rooted culture and to absorb the local essence of a new place are added attractions. Airbnb offers this opportunity to travellers with cheap accommodation and great local experiences.

Pro Tip: Before booking your accommodation, make sure to check out reviews online, or have a recommendation from a fellow traveller. Look for recommendation coupon codes offered by Airbnb.

Take your taste buds for a local tour

It’s not just eating or preparing food – it’s a way of life. When in India, expect your food platters to be most flavourful, colourful, and spicy-full (well I am sure you were expecting this). But the fun is not in multi-cuisine restaurants. If you want the taste of authenticity, follow the locals, find the busy places, hit the bylanes, ask for recommendations from locals, pick the speciality of the place. In short every day you can try something that you haven’t had before – yes that’s the variety we are talking about. Let’s say you can start a whole new culinary journey when backpacking India.

Pro Tip: Follow the food bloggers on social media platforms to get hands-on review about where to eat what.

The smart-way to travel in India – rail-way

The whole India is connected by an extensive network of railway. And it’s the most popular and iconic way and definitely cheap mode of traveling around India’s beautiful cities. The advantages – easy to book, cheap domestic air tickets to travel, takes you to remote areas. You can book AC or Non-AC berths. Although the former is advisable for more comfort. Having said that, sleeper class may be pretty basic, not only is it cheaper than flying but also saves yourself the expense of a hotel stay. The winning aspect is through the tinted windows of the trains, you will get a glimpse of the country and not to forget the diverse mix of fellow passengers who will keep you entertained throughout.

Check: Goibibo offers attractive deals and combos on railway ticket booking. From first transaction offers to coupon codes, expect to get 10-20% discount on every booking. And you can check the train status upfront on this site Smart to book, cheap to travel – perfect for backpackers!

Pro Tip: No visit to India is complete without experiencing the hustle and bustle of an overnight train journey in sleeper class. If you’re getting a sleeper train, try to book the upper or side-upper berths, for more privacy and security.

India – it’s so wonderfully different and overwhelming that you will have all of your travel and adventure dreams answered in just one visit. Every corner has something new to show you, every city has some new story to tell you, every experience will leave you with a new perspective. Less of culture shock, more of culture awakening. Embark on a backpacking journey that’s going to be an adventure for life.

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