Benaras – the city beckons you!

Benaras – the city beckons you!

Monday it is…..and i have a super hectic day with a session on Marcom to be delivered, a brand which we worked on rejuvenation, design and positioning needs to go live and client communication needs to go today and another one wants to launch their newly found & designed identity on social channels.

So much on my mind and I got a call that the session is postponed. Aww, I always believe ‘God isn’t dead, he is just missing in action’ and with me, well! he always appears when I need him around. So I end the call and I am relaxed, suddenly enjoying my mundane ride to office as things now seem in control.

And plus I am happy as this week is just about Mon-Wed as Thursday is when I am heading to Banaras (Varanasi), the city I have been thinking to visit since last 2 years. The reasons are numerous – Shiva Trilogy, Bhagwad Geeta, bollywood flicks like Ranjhana and what not. The city is been trying to make a connection with me.

Monday, evening I am feeling dizzy and Tuesday morning, the doctor advising me some 6 blood tests and saying that i wont be able to enjoy my trip as my body needs rest. Well! My husband is been assuring – you sure are going to do it as you have been wanting to since long, so stop thinking about the cancellation and rest and recover.

Medicines – helped me, could work on little bit, thanks to my team which managed a little bit and here I am – in Banaras – the city beckons you! And yeah! it beckoned me this time. Wow! it feels good to live what you dreamt of or let say you have been planning to.

25.08.2016 is Krishna Janamashtmi and I am here in the Venice of East (Swachh Bharat can really do this) for a workshop on Krishna consciousness and Inner Bonding with like minded people who are all trying to do their own bit in someway or the other, life certainly can’t get better.

Ting Tong! God again disappeared in action and I am not feeling well but Come on! I came here for a good change so I got to do this and here I am on the streets of this mystery yet enticing city which is now popular as Varanasi. The city has something apart from the honking, dusty and oh! so busy roads.

We started with Rajendraprasad Ghat – which was also submerged in the flood waters but like I said, the city is amazing and we landed on the day of Janamashtami and there were many who dint bother about the floods – the prayers were on while the boats were not even moving, the ganges was there for them and then their faith.

In the night we went to Khatu Shyam ji Mandir for the Janamashtami arti which takes, the celebrations on this get a new life around 10pm and go on till the midnight prayers.

The next day was tour to BHU campus and we also spent some good time in the near by Botanical Ground. If we talk on the lines of infrastructure – BHU has managed to save some. I had to miss my evening itinerary to Sarnath owing to worsening health but I loved the Ganga Arti at Kashi Vishwanath Temple – which because of the flood was happening from rooftops. See I said, the faith & belief and the vibe of this city is magical.

The penultimate day was planned for Gouri Kedar temple visit with a Silent Walk at 5.30am in the morning. And I was ready, because all I had envisioned about Varanasi was Ghats, the Ganges flowing as peacefully as ever possible.

But this visit, gave me my Benaras moment and I am glad. As i entered the temple, I felt peace and gratitude towards Lord Shiva and as I reached the Ghat and felt the wind on my face – I was a Benaras fan all over again. And I knew I am going to come back to this place and feel the wind on all the ghats – that is all Varanasi is for me.

The experience at this ghat was even enriching, you can see the flood, the electricity poles submerged under water and the worshippers – doing their routine activities as nothing makes any difference. They were doing the puja, the pranayams all in the ganges flowing above the levels and they were happy about it and they were assured, it holds the good of bringing great crops next year, it is a God’s decision, who are we to think and comment about it. The Ganges is flowing above levels to give us better crop next year.

Simple logic of faith & belief. That is Benaras – the city of hustle bustle and honest faith in what we call our God.

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  • Depali Reply

    Ah! I wish I could join you for this trip to Banaras.

    Your article is like is someone is advocating about Banaras and I am sure you had your own reasons of being there in the city – few of them matched mine too and I cant just wait for the day when the city will make a connection with me.

    Lot of expats in my office are always keen on a trip to Varanasi and all the time I am intrigued by the feedback – it is dirty and Divine at the same time. Curiousity and mystic….but thanks for opening up and sharing this with us, Varanasi is certainly on my mind too now!

    October 10, 2016 at 9:33 am
    • Admin Reply

      Thanks Depali for writing and visiting our site. We are trying to inspire everyone here to travel more often and we learn most while traveling through experiences, cultures, language and what not. #SpiritBohemianIndia is all about inspiring you to #BeBohemian and tickle that lazy bone with the #Whynotabhi thought!

      Keep Reading our travelogue and also check here what the other traveloggers are writing about,

      October 10, 2016 at 9:42 am

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