Discover 11 Royal Honeymoon Places in Rajasthan


Discover 11 Royal Honeymoon Places in Rajasthan

We live in a time of “hashtag weddings” and “thematic sangeet” parties where the bride and the groom are filmed and pampered like celebrities, where guests are interviewed (a part of the wedding film) and special moments are showcased on Instagram – a dreamy affair after all. Now wouldn’t a wedding like this be incomplete without having a dreamy honeymoon?

Sure it would. So the next big question that needs to be addressed right after the wedding plan is done is where to head for the honeymoon. There are many ways of enjoying a honeymoon and each option has its unique specialty. Some are meant to add adventures in your trip, some promises to take you to the paradise destinations, some options are meant to offer you leisure and luxury. Then there’s a Royal kinda perfect blend of romance, luxury, and extravagance.

Imagine having a dream-like wedding and then reliving it in royalty. Sounds great right? Well, then what better way to experience royalty than in the state of Rajasthan – the epitome of opulence, charm, heritage, romance blended with royalty. From palace accommodation to Raja-like dining, from moonlight cultural evenings to going back to the heritage of royalty – it’s the moments and experiences that count to be truly royal!

We have handpicked 11 top royal honeymoon destinations in Rajasthan which will help you plan a Royal Honeymoon.

1. Udaipur


Honeymoon couples, checked. Royal romanticism, checked. Perfect destination for couples, super checked. Udaipur is all about royalty and romantic charm. You have to buckle list this destination when visiting Rajasthan especially for honeymoon.

Things to indulge: Lake Pichola offers some exotic view of the palaces, so a boat ride in its water is a must. You can taste the royalty on a tour to City Palace, Moti Mogri and Monsoon Palace. Take walks at the splendid gardens, at heritage sites – mesmerizing would be a humble word to describe the experience. And if that doesn’t satiate your soul, sign up for a stay at Taj Lake Palace. Built by Maharana Jagat Singh II of Udaipur, a honeymoon here means living in royalty. Authentic Rajasthani cuisine, a cultural evening under the royal roof and exclusive hospitality will enchant you in every way.

2. Jaipur


Get ready to paint your soul with the royal charm of the pink city aka Jaipur. It’s a place that you have seen in numerous Bollywood movies and you can live those moments and create your own when you visit this place.

Things to indulge: Like I said everything about this place has a touch of Bollywood – whether you want to witness spectacular desserts, or stop by at ancient times Havelis or just take long walks in the lanes of this city – everything about this place will leave you craving for more. And not to forget the heritage stay. Without a second thought, pick Raj Palace, the famous heritage hotels in Rajasthan.

The most interesting thing about the place – they organize elephant and camel safaris from the hotel to Amber Fort every morning, adding the much-needed adventure for Royal stay.

3. Ajmer


How about Nawab Royalty that takes you to the Sufi era. Yes, the city Bikaner, most popular for being the pilgrimage of Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti.

Things to indulge: This is a place for all those couples who love the Sufi era – the music, the feel. And then visiting the Dargah Sharif is something that cannot be missed. Ajmer is believed to be a major retreat that has been draped within the green hills. Shopping Nawabi items from the local markets is yet another must-try.

4. Pushkar


This scenic and silent kind of a town is preferred by honeymoon couples for the much needed “we” time after the whole marriage humdrum. This is a city that has been surrounded by tall and green trees on all the sides of the shiny dessert. Quite a treat!

Things to indulge: After exploring the scenic beauty, head straight to Bhanwar Singh Palace to experience the rich heritage of Marwar region. Luxury and comfort are available in abundance here. There are camel safaris, horse riding and jeep safaris which will add extreme royal adventure.

5. Jaisalmer


Once a hidden gem, this golden city of Rajasthan is famous amongst travellers and couples for one simple reason – it offers a never before experience to visitors.

Things to indulge: Explore the Thar on royal camel ride, visit the Jaisalmer forts and the splendid Havelis, enjoy the barbecue dinner under the stars and an evening of wonderful folk dance and music.

6. Mandir Palace in Jaisalmer

Mandir Palace in Jaisalmer

To experience this beauty, you have to extend your stay to this city for another day. The exquisitely created balconies, canopies and carved screens of this palace reflect the high level of craftsmanship existing during that time. The services and facilities are as fine as any you would ever come across, with The Roof Top Restaurant offering panoramic views of the hill-top city fort.

Things to indulge: Don’t miss the excursions to various places including Sam Sand Dunes, Akal Wood Fossil Park, Desert National Park, and Lodurva, among others.

7. Mount Abu

Mount Abu

How can you miss visiting the only hill station in the entire desert area? Yes, that sounded way more exciting!

Things to indulge: Take the excitement to Nakki lake where you can enjoy a boat ride. Take a stroll on the bustling Abu Road for some shopping fun. And for spiritual uplift, visit the Dilwara Jain Temples.

8. Bikaner


Bikaner, known for its temples, forts, palaces, and museums is a great idea for a romantic tour.

Things to indulge: The city is also known for its good quality of camels. So what best you can do with it is hop on to the back of a camel and explore the beauty of this place straight away. The places like Lalgarh Palace, Rampuria streets and Junagarh Fort are the places that you must visit.

9. Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park

A royal adventure of a different kind. For some wildlife and nature, this is the place to be. One of the most famous national parks in northern India is Ranthambore, that allows you to have a rendezvous with the big cats over there.

Things to indulge: Eat, pray, stay close to nature at Ranthambore. If you are lucky you can spot the magnificent tiger. Also don’t forget to visit Raj Bagh, Surwal Lake and the other nearby attractions.

10. Bharatpur


The bird sanctuary is also known as Keoladeo National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site). It is one of the most popular bird sanctuaries in India. If you have an interest in birds and want to be close to nature, this is the place to be.

Things to indulge: Visit the popular temples in Bharatpur such as Kailadevi temples, Bankebihari temple, Ganga temple etc. Brassware, marble items, and Banbhani clothes are must-shop items.

11. The Kumbha Bagh, Kumbhalgarh

The Kumbha Bagh, Kumbhalgarh

Not known to many visitors but this place is a treat, especially for honeymoon couples.

Things to indulge: The rooms are what you would expect them to be, reflective of the glorious culture and exceeding all expectations of the traveller. Rewind and revitalize at the spa, enjoy the peaceful surroundings and have a great time with its outstanding hospitality.

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