GOA – ‘Palm Trees , Ocean Breeze, Salty Air, Sunkissed Hair, Endless Summer, Take me there’

GOA – ‘Palm Trees , Ocean Breeze, Salty Air, Sunkissed Hair, Endless Summer, Take me there’

Without overstating at all, I would solely write about one of the best days of my life. This was our first trip to GOA. After reading countless trolls on how you could only ‘plan’ goa, we had decided to finally go there. It wasn’t a family spree. We were four friends, moreover four girls.  (Something that stunned almost everyone we met, telling us that our parents had enough guts to send us there, living in India)

We had got all our arrangements made through Spirit Bohemian –  flights, hotel, transfers. Ready with every essential document , we finally reached the Domestic airport in Delhi. We would relentlessly ask each other “Are we really going or is it a fantasy?” It was something we would never fancy to happen too soon, honestly, I’m not even 18 yet.The flight was delayed by half an hour, all four of us, super thrilled about our foremost independent trip, were ready for boarding.

We were going there in the first week of August. Despite hundred resistant throws at us on how August was the foulest time to visit Goa, we went there, because abhi nahi toh kabhi nahi, and of-course #whynotabhi! .

Not to comment already, I had been to Goa before, but monsoon made it look the finest I’d ever experienced. Fresh wafts, calm air, no mugginess ( honestly).

As we took the taxi to our hotel from the airport, we opened our window sheds, while the wind brushed past our hair, making us fi-nally believe that we are here. ( I guess there already has been too much bragging about how we made it, so, no more )

We reached our resort, Estrella Do Mar after having some delicious food on our way (Probably the only delicious food we had throughout the journey). It was a nice breezy day and after getting ready, the four of us left for the Calangute Beach, which was at a walking distance from our resort. There were markets, bars, restaurants and what not near the beach. We took a long walk, bought food and returned. After having the grossly cooked oil filled shahi paneer, we put on our speakers and danced our night off.

For the very next day, we had already planned to rent scooties and get through a trip of the Anjuna beach, the baga beach and old goa. We woke up early enough to get the best use of our rented scooties, and after breakfast, we left for Anjuna. It wasn’t the best of the beaches, good enough to click Facebook display pictures though. After spending only around 15 minutes at the beach, we left for Old Goa. Honestly, our journeys were better than any of the destinations that we covered. We put on songs on our phones while we drove across plantations, beaches, deserted and cramped roads, and alluring panorama.

There were two churches in Old Goa, the famous ones. Despite the fact that nature never fails to appeal me more than architectural beauty, there was one thing I wouldn’t forget about one of the churches.

Basilica of Bom Jesus was one church which possessed the mor-tal remains of St. Francis Xavier. It is said that the saint’s body was as fresh as the day it was buried.The church is also a UNESCO world heritage site. The body would actually give you chills.

We went to a nearby dhaba on the way back, where food was again atrocious. We bought ourselves hats and shades of course, for having more of a Goan feeling. The weather and the ride was so pleasing, infact, we even encountered a little bit of drizzling, making everything look even better. After all, what could be better than a scooty ride in Goa with a little bit of rain? It was evening by the time we returned from Old Goa, after which we decided to head to Baga, the most happening beach in Goa (I guess). It was supposedly the place with the most alive night life (only about 5 minutes from our resort), just like they show in movies. A full lane dedicated to restaurants, night clubs, food hubs just infront of the beach. It was so lively and energetic you would feel like you’re in one of the Deepika-Ranbir movies, where you’d see a bevy of beautiful girls in their hot shorts or bikinis, and really, no one is staring (something you’d love about Goa). We had pizza after which we checked into the famous Tito’s bar on the Tito’s lane, beside the Tito’s clothing store, just a little ahead of the Tito’s statue. After some dancing and singing, we were  back to the resort.

We didn’t plan to sleep already so we went by the pool side ( this time just the two of us, my best friend and I) and had a good talk over life. In the restaurant, two singers were performing unplugged so we both stood up and danced with full enthusiasm to ‘ye dosti hum nahi todhenge’ while everybody would pay more attention to our dance than their food (since we were the only ones dancing)!

We woke up early the next day, and headed again to Baga beach. The number of pictures we clicked were not much, only maybe around the population of India. It was a delightful view out there early in the morning, and you could see more pooch than humans, not even kidding. Some of them would run straight into the water, brush past the shores, and leave the balls they’d carry to flow with the waves (which would somehow come back for them to collect).

You’d often spot some ladies to mass feed these dogs, someone, who wouldn’t be surrounded by less than twenty of them. We went deep through the waves (not even as deep), and sat down while the waves would continually brush past us.

After a healthy hours beachside leisure, we left for south goa. It was a two or more hour drive on scooty, after going through some beaches, we finally decided to go to the cruise. The cruise was in the middle of north and south Goa. They even made us do Kayaking and snorkelling which was one experience I won’t forget ( Atlas water sports in monsoon!). It was two of us on one boat, and it was so tough to get it back from where we took it! We had some snacks in the cruise, some people did fishing, we again clicked many pictures and had a great time! After gossips, card games, truth and dare and everything a group of four could possibly do, we jumped off to beds and slept . The last day of our trip had finally arrived, we didn’t even have half a day to our hands before returning so we decided to spend time by the beach side, buy souvenirs and return!

It was really dull, to have to say Goodbye, to a place we had fallen in love with. The 4 days marked the best I ever had.

‘We didn’t realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.’

Things you must not forget

  • Vegetarian food is going to be a big disappointment.
  • It is NOT a bad idea to visit during monsoon, you still have everything except certain water sports, at one-third rates.
  • Baga Beach should not be missed.
  • Cashew nuts is Goan speciality in case you want to buy gifts.
  • There are certain places with no tides where you could go Parasailing, Kayaking, Snorkelling etc.
  • Don’t forget to rent two wheelers, that is one hell of an experience.
  • Don’t forget to pack sunshades, sunscreen, hats (you might buy them there too).

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